posted on December 31, 2010 at 8:13 pm

sydney sky erupting in fireworks

didnt go to a party cos i wasnt feeling that up to it

and hadda skype the kids

its been a bad year for me n kids but not as bad as some

some people had worse years than me thats for sure

i’d like to sincerely thank these people in no particular order

and confer upon them my new years honours

kip mcc : fantastic host n friend revolutionized my web sight

john cole : cool as all hell

johnny tehranian : cds on their way . thanks again. see you in la

kevin keller : i say amazing too often but kevin keller IS!

davey rundle : cmon dave, lets be vegetarians this year! i love ya man!

ricky maymi : one day son this will all be yours . DAVID NEIL!!! YEAH!!

martin kennedy : too nice too talented too unbelievably good! kk2 coming WHITE MAGIC!

glenn bennie : i love you ,gb3 and the undies , ok? good!

jeffrey cain : caino you rescued my mid year slump. isidore will rule!!

holly jordan : i have such a soft spot for you …what? i am working!

sue campbell : i want samoa!

jemal n moksha : thanks for messages n for your great version of invisible!

my melbourne girls yeah you know who you are …mm, m, ap, bsk et al

annakki mayhem : great 2nd book w/ churchy bits too

lloyd n the church army : shoulders in the cause

joe seg : opera house : made it happen

audiences on aussie tour : not a bad bunch of gooseballs

readers on this blog : i love ya all (except ……)

someone i forgot for sure…

oh well

see you tomorrow , next year

waste a money

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