posted on November 3, 2006 at 12:23 am

beware fools
one fool can sink a ship of wisemen
fools are bold
theyll try to get everything
some fools know theyre fools
some fools are so fucking foolish
their own idiocy is obscured from them
some fools want to do that same old dance
other fools think eating duck liver pate is “civilized”
i knew a fool who fooled himself
and then he turned around
and fooled a whole lot of other fools too
a very big fool imagined that his “rebirth”
(a kind of metaphysical “get out of jail free” card)
in some phoney hokey localised bullshit religion
could justify a coffinload of war
he imagined his “sins” were wiped from some slate
he had never really understood the word karma
but even if he had been able…he would have rejected it
another confederation of dunces thought they could unleash mayhem
because they thought their “good book” said so
fools say where is god?
i cannot see god!
god is the perfect proportion
god is the silence as the earth revolves perfectly thru space
god never says kill
god says let it live!
if he says anything……
god is the perfect healthy child
god is the old kind man
god is in healing
god is in beauty and symmetry and harmony
god is within the system within the system
god is everything…
but the fools say
yes but you see……
and yes
i am also a fool
i let this petty world drag me down and in
i listen to fools
i talk to fools
i am swayed by fools
this foolish swaying world of men
money money money
i love it
i loathe it
what the hell is it even?
the potential to own stuff?
i just walked into all this accidentally
i was born
and then someone had already decided that
i would go to school
i would learn this and i would unlearn that
i would write cursive script with my right hand
and sing god save the fucking queen everymorning
someone had decided that i’d wear a uniform
and someone decided to feed me meat everywhere i went
before i was old enuff to really understand the true HORROR
of the animal corpse industry
someone decided i had to learn mathematics
and sit for permanent-nightmare inducing external exams
someone decided i should do an iq test
and even when they realised i was “genius”
they still decided more stuff for me
and then a succession of dentists
decided it was ok to fill my fucking mouth up with quicksilver
onlyone of the deadliest poisons there is…!
(hiya freddy mercurial!!)
and then someone decided that the stuff i liked was illegal!
do you mean theyll deprive me of my liberty if i smoke dope???
yes sir,
ask the thousands n thousands in u.s. jails right now!
oh but you cant…
cos theyre locked away…
for their own good
you see
smoking dope might be bad for you
we’re not sure actually
but in case it is
we gonna lock you up if you do it
and we gonna take away the electric cars
and we gonna give big fat contracts
to big fat nasty men
secretive furtive rich men
men who make more in one month
than everybody here will in all our lifetimes
and everywhere
the fools
blowing up synagogues and mosques
saying guns dont cause DEATH
saying” fuck 2030, cos i’ll be dead by then”
fools dream up things like smart bombs
and then drop them all over suburbs of foriegn cities
killing any old body till they get the “terrorists”
fools really believe they are right
fools believe they know whats best for you and me
fools are often very bossy
fools are often very cowardly
but they like to say big tough things
if its other peoples arses on the line
what a shame what a shame
same old same old same old
william the conqueror
napoleon bonaparte
lord kitchener
all just fools getting other fools killed
and some of us fools
i know its a cliche
but we just wanted to live…
everytime i think of ww1
all that pain
all that agony
all that blood
all those tears
all those widows
all those cripples
all those corpses
do you know?
i dont
but some fool was real sure
once upon a time
this now we live in
will be someone elses
once upon a time
and some fool in that future
he’ll talk about us
and he’ll ask
why was it like that?
why did those fools do this?
and they’ll all say
i dunno

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