posted on June 21, 2006 at 8:31 pm

the water nearby, waiting
another moses in the bullrushes
moon obscures itself
secret pieces
long years in slavery
priestess of snake cult
lions restlessly pace
a tatoo, faded to a blue blur
faltering lamplight
it all moves around again
voices in our head
language , ciphers, signals
trained in the white arts
useless attempt at definition
more and more
we will move closer
the red giants
the black dwarfs
meridian is calculated
the only and painful way
your masters chains
garden light
the early and last stars
figures repeated for our benefit
how could we get it so wrong?
the waves begin
their amplitude has been underestimated
now the truth will sink in
we are going under
and after everything
now this
have the gods noticed?
motion in temple
ganesha crying milktears
vishnu crying moontears
ra crying suntears
every god will weep
but none may stretch out their hand
conquerors conquered
its all going down to the bottom
they play the anthem one more time
our brave men and woman
solemn against the sky
more waves breaching the shore
and inland
monkeys scramble up
lizards twitch in the hazy sunlight
countryside with farms, observatories
domes, libraries, statues, fountains
wells, horses, exotic birds
something unexpected is about to occur
running out of steam
the island shifts
buildings come down
the sea opens its mouth
boats go down into green chasm
nothing left
glassy calm
strange objects float
potted plants
some ceramic retorts
things rise up
but sink back down
here she lies
deep and cold now
never far from our mind

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