posted on October 21, 2010 at 5:41 am

before sk suave skin care

after sk suave skin care

baby i am the knight of wands

baby i am the hanged man

well hung and well rid of

baby i am the winged bull

that persian beastly thing whatever song he sing

yeah i guess old lady fortune suddenly appeared in my room

the feeling of cold the smell of some sickly sweet perfume

she says oh steven you handsome old thing

(me : me….? shucks)

steven she says no listen

all this occult malarkey is driving you crazy

i say lady fortune what do you mean

she says my man you are under psychic attack…!

the doors blew open

the curtains moving by themselves

i was living in alexandria

isis appeared to be right next door

i was drowning in ankhs and frankincense

i was a tomb robber i was a room temperature toblerone

i was high on mandrake mixed by my aunt down in melbourne

sitting between the sphinxes paws i was given the third degree

the masons were banging on my psyche

the illuminati were monitoring my monitors

justine love waiting at the aeropuerte

the killer awoke before dawn

a woman taken by the wind

spirits marching in the hall

phantom soldiers at the cenotaph

my ouija board was going beserk

the ichor boiled over

the ambrosia had gone off

the nymphs had sore lymphs

the dryads had been sent by the triads

the night gave way to a gold leaf dawn

i sent rosy cross to get me a christian wolf

things went bad out the back

i was a druid but i couldnt get the staff

i was a wizard coz i weared the star

i pronounced my tantric mantra

i invoked uriel behind me

my priestesses rent the veil

lord is my shepherd i shall not wont

and then

and then it all stopped

alone in my apartment above miracle street

my eyes stinging from the ectoplasmic spray

i dialled some minor devil




we are unable to take your call right now

please leave a short message and we’ll get back to ya


and the all night alchemist on the corner was shut

no henbane without prescription


just another night in the multiverse

just another day on the otherside

there there!

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