posted on October 21, 2013 at 12:22 pm
       october in flume

october in flume

invoke some nameless force to aid me

a shrewd muse or two or good excuse

a voice to guide us through

a dreaming angel of the spirit who has known man flesh

the templed night under star fields on crepe black paper

take away the stone encased head i said was mine so long ago

the mirage-like empty oases where lions drank

the jagged clauses in a life story by the  blind visionary

in between these rude rocks and penthouse step

west on the shore point

neptune boulevard and its magic ice cream shops that melt in the sun

the speargun i bought to nail leviathan now in pawn and straining

the guitar i had strummed drummed out of its case  refraining

the program i access without immediate success thank you god bless

the jammed station i inherit devoid of almost any merit i digress

before oblivion staggered along in a numb days haze

man  gathering flock like a storm of malchicks in styx anglais

black melody of white blues i choose not to listen

i lose my light but lo it doth glisten

fastening on to flame those who were burned are returned

the drowning desert the thirsty sea they then are no home to me

but voted spokesman for the void i am currently employed

so i speak

i speak of wordless matters

like the insect dreaming in cocoon

the arc of a comet i once saw as a child

the way god strings me along with bits and with pieces

the first blush of shell at oceans dawn mist

the second the sun with its radiance kiss

the third on the billowing waves of green ice

a deep glacial crack all through the merchandise

the earth beyond us is alive and sentient in spades

her great spirit consort dominates  the evenings in certain glades

but now ive got to catch a plane… this note fades












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