posted on July 4, 2011 at 1:15 am

fizziness fizzle

henceforth haphazard

my name overcame me

whoever wrote this stuff had more than enough

man we can rock unto the red sea

some suessy whore delicto is whaling the blues

my electric guitar shorts upon entry

i enter into song like moon crashing into sea

i flog my 12 merciless of the approaching storm

music shoots up my heart and explodes in a space

the feedback hits a plane and cruises in tremolo bursts

baby see me shoot you down over the fields of france

you hit the gentle grass in a ball of flame framed against our same sky

honey you run like a colour into the red blood and oceanic green

the soldiers carry your cross on  their shoulders

oh music is like that when it first comes into your fingers

in some hotel in athens where you bought the cocaine

the girl in the moonlight said something in turkish

it sounded like a curse in her bursting tongue

i finished off the one in the lobby

sometimes you wonder what youre singing yourself

nepotism is a word that will fit here

it could have been callous or it could have been pyre

music in a distant seashell music in a silent print

music in a guild guitar too pretty to ever strum the blues

the drum come down boom wallop crash

gotta tap my little foot oh yeah just like that

i know i know i know rocknroll is nothing that much

but if you touch me again i will melt into music

music in your heart dear tho you never learnt to play

me i slogged at it for a hundred days and nights until my head bled

the lord saw my clawed eyes and wept quavers which sealed and healed my fate

music as a blessing i really gotta stop coming here

music when we lie in darkness she was only one woman

throbbing afterlife bobbing in time

i am a musician and my heart aches to its beat

this life is given freely yet i must pay my fuckin’ dues

and the stars dont care and thats old news

david frickin’ neil gonna rock like a bitch

and a bitch cant rock till ya fix the glitch

and the fix is in and dead in a ditch

elysian alien simian carnelian

yeah thats it whatever you like

its all music

its all i got

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