posted on February 27, 2007 at 9:29 am

bad news
bondis new performance space
where i was gonna be right now in fact
has been shut down
it was 2 good 2 be true
aint it the truth
poor andrew h n the others
it was gonna have more plays
more happenings
more exhibitions
now my play wont be returning
not there…anyway
only last night we were sitting round
in the bricklane workshop
ex radiator workshop
now an excellent venue in this culture starved wilderness
people wanted this in bondi
you can only go so far with all the other touristy malarkey
i mean some us wouldnt mind a bit of a “space”
somewhere for groovy happenings of all kinds to occur
and this place had it in spades
it just felt right
they hadda party there satday night
i took the fam along
it was jumping
seriously jumping
theres nothing like this in bondi
and hasnt been since how knows when
and we want our drawing classes
and our poetry nights
and our plays
and our exhibition/parties…
you know
not another surf shop
which is what it will become
starting in 2 weeks
oh sad day
i was gonna do a show there on the 24th
i was gonna greet everyone at the door
and introduce myself personally
to whoever showed up
take them to their seat
chat a little
then i was gonna show slides n videos of my life
talk to the people as they went along
have a guitar there to maybe strum out some songs
i was gonna read from my new book fruit machine
i was gonna juggle poetry n recite marble
yeah you get the picture dontcha?
anyway thats all gone by the wayside now
i would like to sincerely and passionately
thank my subscribers
true patrons of the arts
everyone of you
no one ever had to do anything
but you did
and i appreciate it
and some people donated some nice things
and thanks for sending all the cds dvds books
from people(thanks john g.)
i am reading evening in the palace of reason
sent to me by that extraordinary artist MEM
who posts pithily here from time to time
he sent it ages ago
but ive only found time to read a book this week
wow! its a bloody corker!
its the true story of js bach
being summoned to the court of freddy the great
of prussia
and the conflict between the young king
and the old master
a clash between bachs ideals n freds sheer power
and guess what …
fred has bachs son working for him
and theyve devised this musical challenge for old bach
but it all operates on many other levels
and its a true story
just like my biography
any way ive learned a load of stuff
about music i never even dreamed of
and js bach is a totally wired fuckin genius
he is so confident…..oooh
he just churns out beautiful unbelievably complex stuff
all his life
hes knocking out this stuff thats lasted hundreds of years
he revolutionised music
its use of instruments
his eclectic melding of diverse styles
his ravenous intake of others music
figuring it out and spitting it out as bach
oh a good read
not stuffy or boring
js bach…whooda thunkit?
still have plans for photos n talking blogge
need russells commitment to help implement
and hes a bizzy geezer
hes a professa of podcaste n blogge
jesus what happened to geography n algebra
it woulda been preposterous to think
at lyneham high in the 60s n 70s
that rusty would teach people to blogge n podcaste
i mean that sounds like a good gig to me
and i believe an attractive package has been negotiated
or was that his lunch?
so i send eve n aurora to school
to learn all this stuff
but actually in the future
there will be jobs that cant be anticipated now
and school schmool!
i mean how much did rusty need to learn at lyneham high
to teach what he teaches now
did he need all that rubbish they taught us
with the sines n cosines
jesus i never understood that stuff
having some orrible poet shoved down yer gullet
and then forced to analyse the bastard
come up with same answer as the teacher
oh yeah
big science
thats come in pretty handy
except its hard finding a little nozzle for my bunsen burner
and the doodles are starting to complain about all the disected frogs
i dunno
yer gotta read between the lines
ha ha
king of kontroversi

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