posted on December 14, 2005 at 3:31 am

made it my people
made it to adelaide
pass the nasssssty sniffy dogs
trying to sniff mah stash
trying to bust mah ass
trying to bring me down low
lock me up
so i cant spread mah peace and light
hasslin me
who am the only one
but im a here now
my little frolickers
my rude little pests
my adored creatures
my little fishes
oh yeah
they cannae keep this ole bouy outta s.a.
hows it gonna be tonite sk?
fuckin amazing
are you gonna be goode?
of fuckin course
how goode are ya gonna be you olde geeenius ?
the fuckin best!
as always!
ok runnin slightly behind time
so mustnt be on here too long
gotta soundcheck
gotta get mah vegan food
gotta get mah yoga in
(big fat lady next to me on a porno pickup site!!!verrrry distracting)
gotta meditate
gotta solve the problems of the world
gotta transcend
gotta walk thru walls
gotta tie it all together for ya
the whole kit and kaboodle in one easy song
gotta nail down the whole freakin universe for ya in one poem
gotta paint yer life in one tiny picture
gotta sing ya to sleep then back again
what is this horse im riding here
whoah! its outta control
cant stop writing, painting, composing, singing, laughing
sk….what the fuck are you on , man
are you on some weird new mood enhancer?
are you back on le badde stuff?
or is just some powerful new strain of the white widow
that ya have got yer greedy little mitts on?
no my hearts
ole sk is stone cole sober
nothing, my loves
sk is high on life
sk is vibrating with prana
sk is spitting chi
sk is swimming in a sea of energy
(jesus, the lady is looking at pix of guys with their weddding tackle out)
(jesus, her pen name is the naughty nurse!!!)
must stay focussed
oh adelaide !
you gonna wrock tonite, sister
you frumpy olde dump
you little city in the middle o’ nowhere
the choich bouys are back
and this time its personal
too much energy
im feeling too good
up and down
thats olde sk
the best and the worst
you have never met a more saintly man
or a more rotten evil swine
a genius
an idiot
an intellectual
a yobbo
an aussie
an englishman
you name em
(insert your own contradiction here)
but i tell ya one thing my olde fruits
i love this blogging thang
its having mah own say
its my rejoinder
its my riposte
its my forum
its my own fault
so it be 2 33 now
must be back at hotel at 3
25 minutes to type
to walk
to navigate these mean adeladian streets
to get ready to rock
and dont forget roll
cos rock without roll
is yer jet
is yer acca dacca
is yer van halen
is yer fritz ferdinande
is yer sabbaff
is yer purple
no mah friends
rocknroll is like yingnyang
no goode rockin
if ya cant roll
that just is the way god planned it
i cant help it
i was born to boogie
hey kids
summertime blues
jump upndown in mah blue suede shoes
hey kids boogie too
is it love
is it love
is it love
that makes us rock?
sk says yes
sk says choose life
sk says no war
sk says send a thousand bucks to the sk home for olde wrockers
sk says excuse me, can you pass the salt
thats it you addicted blogg fiends
its terminus interruptus im afraid
im pullin the plug
im takin this bloggy off the life support
im annexing yer soul
im appropriating yer heart
but remember
i love ya
and id do anything
anything at all
if it would make ya happy
just for one moment

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