posted on May 21, 2007 at 5:10 am

killaboy sat down at his little off white computer
oohh that rsi smarts but he perseveres
you know that killaboy cares for you
you can feel it
in these words he keeps writing
we are in the real universe
where nothing adds up
what are you trying to say killaboy
say it say it say it
oh my shoulder
type with left hand
thinks of something to say
gets a littlebit atta time
cant remember what he wanted to say
house is momentarily quiet
my ears ring
shadow of sadness
time flows out of the day
the sun shines thru a hole in the gathering clouds
night waits in the wings
patiently in darkness
ready to take hold again
summer and its promises have fled
leaving this greying afternoon
leaving me here in my may
then came the last days of may
the baby sits on my lap
continuity in action
blue eyed baby
her eyelids impossibly lilac
she watches me type solemnly
she waits impassively
warm soft heavy on my lap
my brother comes over
the baby stares at him the whole time
the sky is rent with golden slices of light
the baby is deep in thought
something so liz taylor about her
been typing with left hand
muse: where is the renaissance man today?
me : he hadda day off

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