posted on January 8, 2006 at 11:25 pm

in the cafe
bondi way
another one
a darker cooler cafe
radio playing
the new radicals
i really like this song
very todd rundgren
but what a chord progresh
great instrumentation
good lyrics
it coulda been mine
it coulda been mine
he beat me to that one
have all the good songs been written?
you can always find another un out there
the wonderful songs that have been written
are but a puddle
compared to the great ocean of unwritten ones
there is an ocean of terrible songs
and an ocean of em yet to come
i guarantee it

i did an interview on songwriting
on some poncey abc show
and one question i was asked
that i never been asked before
so simple
i had no real answer for
“what is a song?”
i been a songwriter
for 30 years
but never pondered this definition
i decided to me
the question was academic
the real question is
how do songs do what they do to ya, baybee?
skimming thru hotelwombat today
i note with admiration
and a little wonder
ms t.v.s way of rating a record
by breaking it down
rating them individually
and then adding the whole mass
of numbers
you get a score
i think this IS a valid way
to give a score
if thats what you wanna do
as the quote at the bottom
you get the quantity
but not
the quality

i am always SO disappointed
when interviews turn into
questions about
record companies
tactics in global dominance
or lack thereof
we know it
thats why we are here
the terms are interchange-able
the most powerful of the arts.
you dont ever hear
of paintings taming savage beasts, baybee
to say that we love it
is like saying
buddha was an ok guy
one day in 1967
i turn up at bully high school
something has gone and changed people
little pubescent sk can feele it
his spider sense going crazy
coming from that room
sgt fucking pepper
now as far as im concerned
things blown wide open
the beatle boys have finally
put the fucking nail in the coffin
of the 1950s
goodbye dance routines
goodbye cute
goodbye blacknwhite 2 dimensional
oily hair polyesta shirts
bermuda fuckin shorts
bobby darin
mccarthyist stodgy meaty
uptight unimaginative
repressed unspiritualised
un surrealistic
un fantastic
un intaresting
19 fucking 50s
and it was music
that did it
in the hands of the “people”
the bohemian “people”
i was around in the fifties
i remember
a little like now actually
without the computahs
and mobile camerahs
but somehow
similar aesthetic
i feel like we fought the war
we won
and then like weeds
sprouting thru the pavement
the “straights” reappeared
appropriating our revolution
its a shame
we coulda all been wearing kaftans
we coulda had flours in our hare
we coulda had pop music
that tried to out do itself
in poignance
in meaning
in subtlety
in beauty
in scope
in its power
to do that thing
that this whole
autobloggraphy started out
ten minutes ago
which already
seems like the middle ages
to me

that is why
i greet the news
that the pea brain rockahs
or the schmaltz bouy singers
or bloozy shouter
has solde 10 million records
with the same feeling
as “4 billion served”
sadness for how it coulda been
(certainly some jealousy
and we’d be fools to
ever discount that
and envy
which are no trifles)
for a
wee moment
and other wee
it seems good sense would prevail
a good film!
a good record!
a good tv show !
a good restaurant
serving good food!
we have all history to compare ourselves to
the known and the unknown
why accept rubbish?
read the fucking iliad
instead of star-hound magazine

read the bhagavad gita
instead of american psycho
look at a bee doing its thing
rather than desperate ocs n scrubbs
bite the fucking hand thats feeding ya!
i do
and i love that taste
expect things to be GOODE!
be angry if they AINT!

this is becoming a rant
you should hear whats on the radio in here
youd be ranting too!!
hey all you kilbometres
i love ya

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