posted on March 17, 2006 at 10:43 pm

good morning you greedy creatures
hows yer life?
whats cooking?
here i am
back in the cafes
very quiet now
autumn in the air
the visitors detach themselves
go off back to germany, sweden, italy, ireland, england
i guess theyre the ones we mainly get down here
at the best beach in the world
now with its own tv show
and all the hoopla surrounding it
ooohhhh if i drown
or attacked by sharkies
i hope the hunky lifeguard gonna save me
just what ya want when youre getting m to m resuccitation
a fuckin’ camera stickin’ in yer face
as ya spew up seawater and sand
i tell ya
nothin’s sacred these days, sweet baby
everything is fair game
why not have brothel tv
the real life adventures of a crazy gang of hookers
(with hearts of gold, natch)
as they ply their trade in kings cross
the real world..junkie
follow jim the junkie
thru his laff a minute life
as he pawns his guitar, scores, ods
etc etc
everyweek you can vote fer yer fave deelah…
its a winner
or a bunch of crack addicts on a desert island
the catch
theres plenty of crack
but no matches or lighters
so they gotta rub 2 sticks together to light the olde pipe
hilarious adventures will ensue
nevermind all that
i myself am living in the void
of my explosive rant from yessaday
my lovely bro rpk
he ring me up yessaday
he say
tone it down a little olde bouy
the feds are puttin’ the squeeze on us
mi5 and the cia have demanded to know my password
and i just found out
that dutch peter is really dick cheney
hes been monitoring me for years in disguise
ever since
“wear a gun and be proud
but bare breasts arent allowed”
cheney rings me up n says
cant we have guns AND tits?
sure dick
if that be yer pleasure
by the way
i heard dick was just yer nickname
aint yer real name penis cheney?
yuck yuck yuck
(at least it aint a rant)
oh my weary readers…
wheres the poetry?
i cant see any comin’ today
im in a frivolous mood, i guess
ya see
i been reading a book
about mr billy shakespear
and im thinkin’ maybe i cood be a reincarnation
of the bard
because they keep saying all thru the book
one thing about this man
he was a genius AND a nice guy
that kinda reminds me of me
the 2 things dont havva to be mutually exclusive
do they?
now you ask any olde person
whos actually met me
and theyll set you straight
(but not “straight”)
oh yeah
sk …what a lovin’ givin’ human bein’
specially if they caught me backstage
during 88-90
or when i was jonesin’ for jazz
ov corrs
i havin’ a little laugh at me own expense here fiendss
actually it is my own expense
cos i pay 6 bux an hour
to type this tripe to you
(but at least it aint a rant)
i dont know who i am
i dont know what to think
sometimes i dont know what to feel
you have the privelege
of seeing me change
day to day
the close up unexpurgated workings
of the mind of a very humble modest
but completely brilliant genius
how many geniuses do ya know
now dont begrudge me my geniushood status
(even tho it is self conferred)
because ive already got one foot in the grave(y)
and im bound to drop off me perch soon
will it be poison straight from the vial?
lookin down a 44 in west virginny?
(where nk was born)
or some jealous husband
assassinatin me live on stage
at the leather martini club
in downtown brisbane or atlanta
i aint afraid of death actually
funny how as ya get older
death seems less an aberration
and more like a mysterious welcomin’ bosom
i aint fuckin’ afraid of death
but im scared of the dyin’ part
i cant see it bein’ a whole loada fun
but ya know what
if the bastaeds do get me
and they got blogges on the other side
im gonna give ya
a hilarious behind the scenes look
at the afterlife
boho heaven
“straight hell?”

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