posted on October 26, 2006 at 9:07 pm

wow fiendss
its yer humble n groovy narrator
ive got a big fat baby on my lap
and shes making it hard to type….
shes feeling grumpy n doesnt want to be put down
so im putting up with her instead
shes given us a bit of a hard night….
im up to my eyeballs in work at the moment
marty n i are gonna do a little tour of aust together
in nov n dec
2 gigs in syd
1 in melby
1 in brissy
im launching meanjins “all tomorrows parties”
on 1st of nov in sappho books glebe
an excellent issue i myself kontrybuted to
but much wonderful recommended reading
all on “rock”
that wonderful music that saves lives n universes
including an amazing piece by robert forster
ive still gotta finish my isidore n m.kennedy collabs
the chrunch will be undertaking new recordings nov/dec
juggling a few different concepts….(!?)
the adorable n sultry twillies will arrive 12th dec all being well
i have a few commishes in the painting dept
i am being filmed today as a washed up acid rocker
(hey is that typecasting or what?why didnt they get hubba?)
the doodles continue to live long n prosper
the book of lyrics still on the horizon
tho g.nunn has another smaller project maybe coming to fruition
i continue to explore other forms of consciousness
whether naturally induced or artificially
i continue to extend with yoga
i continue to energise with chi gong
i continue to calm down with swimming
i continue to blather on about my boring holier-than-thou regimen
due to the long continual n faithfull practice of these things
i am
against all odds
getting better at everything i do
2 hours of swimming sauna walking yoga chi gong meditating
like if you tuned up n carwashed yer car everyday
plus veganism
and i’ll be playing the fool at vegan day gig in melb this sunday
and the gb3 thing was great too
maybe gb3 n i could do something again sometime
november still looms like a maw
im gonna give ya my verdict real soon
i never anticipated people REALLY wanting this blogge to go on
but it takes up so much time………
cos i try to………..
so im figuring it out
see ya 2morrah

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