posted on April 6, 2007 at 8:16 am

a strange day
even for a strange man like me
some sad news i shant be the 1st to reveal…

im sitting here alone
gravenhurst is playing on the eye boxx
outside a cold rainy night has come down
nk n doodles n bumper have flown the coop
off to the u.s. to visit family
so here i am feeling a bit lonely
the empty house so devoid of children
often ive wished for this; the solitude the peace
but now ive got it…..
dear god please
see my fambley safely home
so im sitting here
eating some candy n typing my blogge
on monday i leave for europe
and all that continental jive
i dunno what to say…
im lookin’ forward to it
im open for whatever may happen….
rock on ! or something…
hey its gonna be great
are ya comin?
fandroolin’ yeah
i finished the golem
prague baby…you gotta love it
its the day they say that j.c. got nailed to that cross
the cat says some nice things
then they bang him up
i feel today
the iron tips of the nails against my flesh
the red spurt as they hammer them home
thru skin n bone
that poor gentle man
that lovely healing soothing beautiful fellow
his soft voice and his downcast eyes
into your hands i commend my spirit
nice one to all involved
of course nobody takes the blame for that mistake
has anything changed?
a load more atrocities we had to have
mans basic inhumanity to man
and to the beasts
and to his planet
good going
happy easter!

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