posted on June 4, 2006 at 5:23 pm

hello little fiendss
i made it out alive
i arrived in sweden this arvo
not expecting to be met at the airport
but gotta lovely surprise
when 2 charming young ladies were waiting for me
olde daddy gets kinda misty
so nice to see them again
grown up even more
looking quite healthy
(cept for e’s nasty scar on back of neck
like a livid red train track disappearing
up into her head)
its only 15 degrees here
and the place seems utterly deserted
like almost no one on the street
the twillies look at all the latest pix of baby bouncer
and the doodles
(on my ipod!!)
gee its good to be here again
despite chilly weather
i feel more at home here than anywhere in the world
except for bondi
the customs men ignore me
everything goes fine n smoooth
little tired still
but tomorrow i’ll hit the pool
and should be back to normal
blogging like a fucking daemon for ya

i’d like to say a big hello to eduardo and his lovely wife
who i met in bilbao
i hope your little one in heaven will watch over my children
it made me so sad when you told me youd lost your little son
aged only 2 years old
the kind of pain only another parent can understand
edu has 200 church records
and is a true fan
as well as a lovely man
the people in spain were just amazing to us
encouraging , warm, passionate
the crowd in madrid even stopped smoking cos i
was losing my velvety voice
which was nice of em
actually it was one lone australian
that insisted on smoking right in front of me
as well as a wally from brisbane who was yelling out
all thru the budapest gig
so watch out
dont be an ugly australian
(too late for me, fiendsss)
anyway look
i know there aint been much “meat” on my bloggs
for a cuppla daze
but all will be rectified soon
when i get back to my usual preoccupations
of dope
t rex
the hcchur
etc etc etc
all the stuff you want n need n more
im one happy olde rocka tonite
gonna have a little walk now with twillies
they gotta go to school tomorrow
i can sleep in
take it easy
no more flying for two weeks
just flying on the ground
(whatever that means, neil….?!!)
so from the far north
even further north than byron bay
its over n out
i love ya
will be back with proper

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