posted on January 31, 2014 at 3:46 pm
no spruik only poem

no spruik only poem

In the cherry mists of spring we came upon Illyria’s vast inland lake

I remember swimming through my lives the aqua forte in bluest contrasts

Blonde haired dark skinned village girls who took part in the ceremonies

Youths gathering like clouds on the edges of some undeniable fortune

The drummed down dragons slunk away to wait for summer

My carbon height slips like diamond flash in shallows in shoals

No exposure will reveal to you the mysteries my eyes have seen through

No caster of pebbles or malchick queen of the curling doll

The Zoroaster in columns on her lovely pavilions

In far flung eastern virtual palaces

Intrigue has a scent like vanishing vanilla against pure steel

Imagine the afternoons we could have had there, you and I

Oh the undulating waves of opium and haze extend out and further than now

The implications of our dreams still exist some where

Like the mighty oak imprisoned in a lowly acorn

Deep in the earth so our seed may still yet grow

In secretive signs do the earths not converse with the skies?

For the starwatchers little hole wherein he perchance can trap heaven

The squirming stars breathless in the magickal tube

As they writhe in ether

The bound planets who can never roll off into darkness

The gorgeous shy moon waxed crescent blush pink

The dirge of the birds whom the crow has  just robbed

The sad sob of the traffic through the gate

and the throb of tomorrow too late.




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