posted on August 16, 2017 at 8:08 pm


dawn of a few things

mark me down as absent

shiva zed will be arriving now i can feel it

the cables no longer supply infusion

winters gone spring too soon

i have conquered conquest itself

i have fallen down the well well well

glad you liked my film

glad you liked my life

glad you listened to the song

the new album is next to complete

yes another masterpiece oh how do we do it?

oh i dont know

oh you gonna love it

look its brilliant alright ok well there you go

im having a gin now

my back is a little out

and my head is a little bastard

too cocksure

too unforgiving

too clever to outsmart itself and end up with zero

oh i can still pull this out of the fire

winged victory and bigger nights

charlatan tricks any mug would know

lovely feeling of no feeling at all

takes my mind off my mind

get myself off my own back

look im carrying myself around this dismal flat

look the words pour out of me like sweat

like little universes swimming round your eyes

brimming with the little fishes that suck at an old empire

yeah the new album baby

the new what?

what did i used to know?

oh yeah youll love it trust me

as it goes into your heart like a knife through warm butter

as it all goes to our stupid head crammed in with one thousand idiots

this divine music we have concocted for your delightfulness

rivers of sound melting into pure silences

a whispered word of regret

a distant huge bleeding guitar

then when your number comes up you cash in all your fuckin’ chips

what a strange record it will be

you will be in love with it from it beyond it between it

oh that singers voice singing all that sad weird stuff my my

glad you liked the sad weird stuff oh i hope you still do

i hope i hope i hope i hope against hope

black spider on the wall gonna bite me

its glaring at me with its fifty five eyes

the bats left town

the sea is cold


i stand under the hot shower feeling it soothe my blues

damn spider i wanna fuckin’ squash it but im too scared itll jump me

plus its not very nice to kill something so im just sitting here

but its fucking massive

thats my day

thats my life

thats my film

thats my song

thats me you know

and you know me






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