posted on March 13, 2010 at 12:10 pm


another gig
another day
another wanka with another way
who cares …not me
i drink my coffee eat my sweets
i smoke my smoke safely sedated
in some van somewhere i xoom down my doom
a somewhat curt kaboom
i leave this room
yeah i strum my somewhat jotted songs
spotted and hotted up
i am like no other
in my suit of manflesh
so dis-invincible
yeah my songs why you know em
yeah my pipe dreams why you blow em
why my scars well you show em
i stand accused of rocknroll perjury
i stand accused before you the jury
he he come chased by furies
here comes that mangy panther
stalking little baby answers
his fur is farflung like fafnir the dragon
take a dragon this sister senorita maneater
ah i cant compete ah
ah i should just delete ah
yeah i see you move out the corner o’ my eye
my inner i
my bond i
my wand i
my fond you
wander become fonder
wilde blew yonder
in a late model honda
sundered my thunder
oh god i am thor
i hammer on i hammer off
i move in for the krill
steve krillboy sucking it all in
i filter it all out
i am a blue wail
i am saturday night alright for flight in
babble babble says the rabble
the ram bamboozled
uplode downlowed
i got more memory in this thing
(taps his head)
i red the classics
i black out
nice rack….can i get it unpack
play another track
from your new discus
i am a javelin unravelin’
a maverick geezer
a mercurial messenger of amorphous things
the muses blew their fuses when they chooses w.h. moses
yeah i am the one who really supposes
as close as this

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