posted on January 4, 2006 at 11:14 pm

the sea, metal grey
sea gulls
sand blowing aimlessly
yesterdays wrappers
waltz in the wind
horizon indistinct
water uninviting
tepid, saline
full of hungry things
time blur
i walked down the boardwalk
with some absent friends
sandwiches and warm drinks
white capped pacific
dark pavillion corners
door marked private
darkened theatre
dressing rooms with flowers
old voices whisper
champagne nights
abandon and glamour
look they say
we walk out on the stage
i pick up my instrument
the conductor taps
the violins tune
the drummer rattles
the dancers shuffle
the lights come up
we play our songs
the audience cheer
everyone eventually leaves
i realise i am alone
here in the past
the bottles and cards
the kisses and the vases
2 great wars come
theatre closes down
manager imprisoned
players become soldiers
time passes
in fits and starts
mornings like this
lonesome seaside evenings
shells, trinkets, caravans
parades, avenues, streets
shops, cafes, hotels
teenagers appear
pinball machines
playing pool
juke boxes
heavy metal
glam rock
post modern
space music
cosmic symphony
sounds at the outer reaches
of your skull
forward momentum
here i am now
the result of all this and that
the long past which led to now
all gone
thats it then
carry on
the unknown will be known
the impossible will be done
we will find something
to write about
to live for
to pray to at night
someone will invent something
someone will come along
and save our skins again
sk, why do you carry on?
because i cant stop
why cant you stop?
cos i need to carry on

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