posted on December 23, 2005 at 1:46 am

seasons gratings
these are the facts
this is the truth
tho i guess you’d call some of this “lies”
especially if you were a “straight”
especially if you werent in on the joke
especially if it was your life that had been appropriated
especially if the conspiracy had taken yer fender tele
and given yer back an assault rifle
especially if youd done the hard yards
answered the big questions
and made some heavy changes
i know it all looks easy to ya
play a little basse
write a little bloggy
do a little beach combing
a bitta pranayama
sum crawl and breast stroke
but at a much deeper level
i am waging this war
you know who are the foe!
the foe may even be reading these very words right now
the foe may not even be a “straight”
its no surprise things are deterioatin’
i warned ya 20 odd years of grunt ago
remember earthed?
well it all came true
im still out here fightin’ tho
dismantling the “straights” apparati
wherever the fuck they maybe
or whoever the fuck they may bee..
i gotta song for em
i gotta pome for em
i gotta fookin solution for em
let them bmws rust
abandon those ivory towers
with ocean glimpses and ensuite
throw down yer suits
give up yer exercise bikes
hurl away in disgust the corpse you be nibblin’ on
put everything to do with yer “straight” job
in one file and hit delete
get yer alcohol
use yer beer to wash yer hair
or make soup
do not drink
give yer red wine to uncle roger and aunty flo
theyll appreciate a good drop
plus they love to get pissed
get yer spirits
and use em to make tinctures of marijuwahna with
now take all your aftershave
and dispose of it thoughtfully
sorry ladies
give the perfume to st vinnies
its hiding all yer ferrymones
and bouys
you dont have to put all that make up on
or defrizz yer hair
an take those tights off
its xmas, fer gods sake
2006 is coming fast
so learn to make handy things
out of olde sheets of asbestos
found lying in the roof
or practice bullfighting
with the naybores 4 wheel drive
impress yer friendss with renditions from the
sk song book
or the idiots guide to sk
currently # 3
on nth bondi charts
or make xmas decorations from the clouds
and light it up with yer smile
and then fill it with a little goode cheere
i have this one already prepared
this is hows yours should be
by the time you get finished
remember not too late too send sk xmas gift
or wait around a scoop up those post xmas barginns
as if i give a flying fucking fuck
im cool with jesus
he and i both know it aint his birthday on sunday no how
they co opted an olde pagan fuckin hol, my friendss
jesus was the 13 of sept or something
give me a brake
i honour that man every day of the year
and i think of him always
yet seldom resmble him at all
jesus aint about religion
jesus aint about this side n that side
jesus aint about do this n don do that
jesus is take it easy
jesus is its ok
jesus is it happens to all of us
dont blame churches on him
dont blame archbishops and steeples
or fuckin inquisitions
or fuck ing witch hunts!!!
or latin blah blah blahs
he never had anything to do with that
sk aint no member of nobodies flock
but if ya read the new testa mento desquidado
if you do actually read it
i know some of ya haver never read it….)
you have to come away thinking
that if jesus was the lead singer
of (insert name of fave groop here)
they could definitely sell out newt town
quite comfortably
for quite a few nights
cos the man had a way with language
and he had charisma….jesus
he defined charisma
all charisma is but a pale imitation of his own
on every level
one of the goode guys
for sure
a bohemian to boot
but whos counting?
go wilde
oscillate wildly
party on dudes
have a simply splendid get together
or whatever you may call it
im gonna have a body surf
and ruminate on
you know who

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