posted on August 10, 2015 at 7:20 am
dressing roomed

dressing roomed

sitting backstage at the fillmore in baltimore

waiting for a soundcheck

spoke to white widow made me see the light

the p.furs are lovely people and their crew

they are a great live band too and richard is still very cool

first gig in toronto

(no davey rundelle that aint the toronto just outside newcastle nsw)

we do blurred crusade plus another mixed bag like in australia

wow they liked it although the gig was far from full

a lovely part of toronto the gig was in

cool bohemian and leafy with a perfect summer temp of about 75

buffalo is a weird place

but the gig and audience response were incredibly good

we are certainly a muscular rock band as well as all the other stuff we can do

its fun to flex that muscle thats for sure and the people in buffalo really responded

it was a perfect venue too

i was quite delighted

it all seemed good and the whole band is playing like a machine

theres a lot of love and expertise there

anyway I’ve had enough of this

its very warm and humid here

we drove on the bus overnight to maryland

silver springs in fact

the gig is impressive its big and feels like an important gig

a gig where punters get their tiny minds blown by seeing the best bands

in the world do their thingy  live

like tonight

a pairing of 2 classic bands of a certain ilk

we certainly loved the furs in the church and held them in highest regard

its great to be part of a package delivering this kind of quality blah blah blah

thats it

the church honed by much gigging are alive and slaying em wherever

i never woulda put my money on this turnaround but there ya go

you knever know your luck in the rocknroll lottery

snakes n fucking ladders my confidantes reading this wherever you are

we are on the much talked about road

yeah rock on its better to burn out cos rust never sleeps

we hurtle headlong into a thousand possible futures

and any slight motion might send us off into some unknown unmapped places



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