posted on May 18, 2014 at 5:39 pm
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man i dont know how to explain my life to you

the extremes between mundanity and elation

i making records

doing gigs with people like robyn hitchcock

who is everything you might think he would be in spades

a walking encyclopaedic minstrel and legend

robyn and i

some of the last of a dying breed

some incredible moments onstage together

where it all happened

our voices and the songs

to boot the geezer is a gentleman and very pleasant company

i believe he and i could chat for days about dylan and the beatles

i did some gigs with mark gable from the choirboys

and again

an absolute charmer of a guy

they make it easy to create music

ploogy came back on that tour and is the finest form

his drumming was superb..what a comeback..!

he remains one of my fave drummers on a good night

and he had a good night every night on this run

meanwhile the churchs record is very near completion

it will comprise of fifteen tracks

7 of which are now mixed and ready to go

it is nothing like you or i think it will be

it is complex ambiguous and joyful

your preconceptions will be shattered

something new has emerged

i am quietly confident this album will be universally acclaimed

within its own sphere of references naturally

within its own genre it is a triumph

some advertisements say

obey your thirst

i obey the music

that was trying to come into this existence

with myself as part of a team dedicated only to the music and the music only

we are deemphasised as personality x and y

none of you will know who did what and who was the driving force

because all four elements strove together for the musics sake

the music became the all

the song was everything not the singer

my mission in this life has been to make people happy with songs

then this will put a smile on your mind

because we have experts here tinkering with the mechanisms of rocknroll

we have experience and enthusiasm and we

have made a fucking good record

despite everything

time has come for a reassessment of the b®and the church

we poured heart and soul into this

i channelled other voices who came rushing out my throat

i cant wait for you to hear it

let the naysayers say nay for now

lets hear them after they hear the fucking thing

or my name isnt..uh…


anyway just a few months longer

further/deeper than ever before



please keep your comments  relevant

and avoid excess rudeness towards myself and each other

thank you






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