posted on April 24, 2009 at 9:17 pm

suffer the little slings n arrows
to come unto me
one step forwards
one step sideways
one step beyond
one thing goes right
on thing goes left behind
one thing goes haywire
photo ops
slow mo
i see my name slandered n bandied about
i see my picture reproduced in some rag
i see the great unwashed public
who dont give a flying frig about me or what i do
i read the reviews…..hmmmmm…so this ones ok?
i keep knocking out stuff
more things incessantly
more more more
knock knock knock
knock it out
knock it off
a whirl of action
oh god i need a holiday
no time
no money
no possibility
must keep pressing ahead
trying to come up with something
cant rest on my laurel wreath
yes u23 is a masterpeace
but which way is the wind blowing today?
painkiller is wearing off
antarctica starts here
the ice melting down down down
the rain soaks into the earth
the music soaks into the ether
the people fade into oblivion
eventually everything is forgotten
the masterpeaces and the lumps of rubbish
the ‘andsome kings and the hugly villains
the knuckleheads n the clever sods
pessimism falls down on me
i struggle against myself
i thrash around in anxiety
i anticipate the cold dread of worry
fear sours my stomach
i nervously apprehend time
i approach the future with great caution
someone deal me a king
someone deal me another
someone slip me a joker
someone send me a cheque
thank you my generous subscribers
thank you my kind donators
thank you my patrons and ladies
thank you my readers
thank you my good friends and well wishers
thank you my former lives which led up to now
i am beginning to see who i am
oh how hilarious it all is
8 a.m. on a saturday morning
its so nice out there
why do i sit in here n type type type?
dont wanna let you down
i know you wanted yer ttb
people rely on me to be there
n goddamm it
im gonna be there
a facta life you can count on
like the sun n moon
i will fucking prevail
i will overcome
i will turn it around
and somehow pay off my tax
and somehow sell some records
and somehow shake off the various pests
who still try to infest my head
the blackmailing failing
the poison pen that nauseates me
keeping on keeping on
like a tick or a flea
or a parasite in someone elses mind
so unnecessary
get over it!
get thee fucking behind me all you worms
gnawing at my confidence n peace of mind
i will prevail
i will endure
with or without
i will go on n i will create
and some people will understand
and some people will love it
and some people will hate it
and someone might even pay for it
and thats enough for today
i shower blessings down on your house
go forth and multiply
or just have a nice day

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