posted on February 9, 2011 at 9:15 am

seattle hot spots

how do i do it what do i do

i pick up a bass

i sing the words

i move to a sound

my fingers know where to go

my heart knows when to beat

the words fill my head

the band play on around me

we finish one song we start another

i take off my bass and i wander round singing

my words of woof and warp in fabric of life

i met greg dulli and we got on very well

what a nice geezer he is

i got the new twilight singers record and its very very good

i do sell outs in san fran and seattle 2 nights

chicago looking like a possibility

oh yes we are back better than ever

why is that why arent we getting hokier n hokier…?

i guess like an old fashioned team of craftsmen we are committed to quality

i know you people need some challenges and leeway and here it is

untitled 23 and for more mystery p=a

and at the end let off some steam with starfish its that easy

tonite 2nd nite triple door

gonna make sure to rock extra hard i suppose

its going very well so far

the audiences are dream audiences

its good

thank you

it was my pleasure


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