posted on February 12, 2012 at 10:03 pm

the australian night

wrap it around you all this darkness

wrap this darkness like a blanket

i remember shivering through some grey dawn

i huddled in a puddle of beds

day came with its tears yes you might say

day of toil night of respite

day of nightmare night of dream

days as a wall

night coming thru

day stopping you dead in your tracks

the night spits you out and leaves you behind

vulgar day subtle night

the night seems to linger then it is gone

the night is a metaphor for all the unknown

in australia the night is prehistoric and young

it bristles and moves and chatters and vibrates

the plants and the shrubs all going beserk

tangle of intoxicated plants in perpetual embrace

the moon caresses the sun enhances

they turn that light into purest food

in the earth they draw up energy

in the air they sing their song

morning night and afternoon…

reverie shattered by sirens out there in naked city

buddha on my wall smiling

gift from kitty

nirvana or nothingness that is the question

its quiet tonight the ghosts have all vanished

the fireworks maybe finally finished

the unsettling ride well i cant get used to it

its been like this all my life

but night can sometimes soothe my searching

and night can sometimes make it work

and night can sometimes mask my mask

and night can sometimes tame my hounds

illusion requires a decent night

a night in the tropics

a night faraway from the bright light of day

night moving in diagonals towards its conclusion

night in the action before its demise

night only bridal night only reins

night only fixing your saddest lost wish

night dumb ferocious wild in torrents

inexplicable unexplained pertaining to nothing but itself

the night will always have the last word

and that word is






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