posted on March 24, 2008 at 1:19 am

this is post 910
the church played last night at lizottes
a small restaurant theatre on nsws central coast
the gig was accoustic
we played pretty damn fine
my mother was there
the audience was great
the food before was excellent
i had a polenta stack
i didnt make too many mistakes
the dressing room was really nice
looking out on a garden and then green rolling fields
almost was like sweden in summertime
i was driving so i didnt drink
it was raining and misty as we drove home
petes daughter O slept in the back
shed been doing guitar teching
peter had been talking to my mother
and we talked about my parents as i drove carefully home
about my dads angina
and his business and stuff
we felt satisfied with the gig
despite any odds we accounted of ourselves well
the olde sk could have never done it
but he buggered off
and left me standing here
with the necessity of doing it
he had his fun
he had his moment
then he sucked off into his mind
i was the result of his abdication
we are partially connected still in some way
he assists in an advisory capacity now
but i dont miss him that much
enjoy yer last day of easter!
kil b

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