posted on June 7, 2008 at 5:56 am

response skin
eternality lever
deep hankering after what…?
2032 and beyond
they send back help to the past
thats us
alive but buried in the past present
long after our presence has passed
who sends this transmission
last scene alive
where the worms meet afterhours
where the nuptials are mainly chymical
and the rituals last for fields
and the mixture tastes like an hour
and the hours relax before the sky
whereabouts is my little snake you ask
in edenic climes luxuriating with his scales
he sings
” nowhere, not long ago”
you were nowhere not long ago
you were nowhere you were nowhere
not so very
not so very
not so very
oh no no no
oh no no no
you were further not faraway
you were further not far away
not far enough
not far enough
not so very
long long
an audience is layered on like blancmange
some clap some clappety clap clap clap
like a loada seals thinks that cynical little snake
yeah yeah yeah you know his name
look up his venom
thats the problem with a star he shrugged
the future is signing up people right then
see…? the opportunicity is problemathematical
hey the little snake looks real good in the stage getup
blasted hump of garbefaction
yeah do that song about the black door man
about how he met josie bimbong
and they robbed the united future
how he bonded peace and fused in the sun
how they smoked hook and shot gun
how they avoided jupiter
how they found water in a deserted hotel
how their discoveries changed your own mind
how that changed mind was decoded in the pentahouse
a new collusion between war n porn (sexdeath!)
sexdeath now available in following flavonoids :
deluxe cobalt blueprint
vanilla assassination with blood orange n crushed nuts
shambolic choc-blechh and choc-blechh blast
cherrypop bumsrush with violence n jelly
organic E547 enhancer with no answer
sexdeath not sold separately
sexdeath may have aside effects (retorts etc)
sexdeath ultra also available in participating wildernesses
be the first person to be eaten by a sexdeath kraken
little snake recommends sexdeath and sexdeath ultra products
win a holiday in antarctical tropics of paradise , ne
win a trip for two hundred thousand to pristine coral reefs
sexdeath recommends narwhale products
sexdeath flies courtesy of aerodynamic lawyers n suns
little snake uses a kgb microphone and stays at kremlin bros lodges
little snake got hips like steve kilbey
who appears here with no courtesy whatsoever
nor does he curtsey
no common indecency no hows yer father neither
marlarkey muh lud
little snake goes to knife king solariarums
little snake uses beethoven scale restorer
little snake sheds his skin n skins his shed
little snake presented by the united future inc
little snake travels at lightspeed and uses fuckingfast
steve kilbey does not dye his mustache
steve kilbey spells his name with a ?
steve kilbey is related to little snake…how?
see 2032s blog for answer
(answer : his aunt married kilbeys lizard)
little snake thanks time being subscribers
by singing a song in his own language
he will be wearing an octal map designed by his mum reppy
he will be appearing before your eyes
he will sing using his gills and his thorax
he will not be using his antennial forked tongue
he will not be using any pyrotechniques or liquidization
he will dance on tables only after soup is served
steve kilbey does not use guidelines
all rumours with coloured pool and inter conditioning
now with sexdeath applications
little snake returns to the stage near you
tree of knowledge tree of life appear courtesy j. hovah
vishnu appears as krishna
j.hovah appears as g sus
the son of mr and mrs man
what small snake
his hour come at last
slouches towards bethleham
to get a felafel?
you know already!

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