posted on June 8, 2006 at 4:27 am

hello there
wherever you are
in this large world of ours
im here
in stockholm, 6 30 in the morning
the sun beating in now for a while
quite strongly
maybe today will be warm
well i finally got my swim n sauna in yessaday
and it felt a whole lot better
down at the pool
scoring some endorphins
elli + minnas b/day went very well
very happy with ipods
the only church song on the playlist…?
yep, you guessed it
under the wilky may
no they dont listen to us
i asked why not
coz youre our dad….its too strange
and thats the end of that
fair enuff
i dont really expect em too
maybe one day they will
but right now it aint happening

yes peeple
i do like augie march
i have most of their records
and did ya know they did a version of reptile
on a b side
(that wasnt that goode actually, not really their style)
and i think theyre quite clever
i do like the bjm
especially satanics second request
and this is our music
where anton gives a nice but weird little mention
on the inside cover
i met him on the beach once
with my kids
my dear mate rikki a on n off member of bjm
brought him down to meet me
but i was in relaxed suntanned family mode
and anton was all nervy hungover
or whatever the fuck hes on
and he just harangued me
and never listened to anything i had to say
i thought i was one of his heroes…?
hate to see how he treats the guys he despises
anyway i think hes a bit of a genius
hes a bit of a fucking character, thats fer sure
and i love the film of him n the dandys
but i just wish he’d try a little harder in the studio
but i still do enjoy his records
a lot more than mosta the tripe out there
afterwards it took me a while to recover from meeting him
such was the clash of agendas that day
but peter k saw em that nite
and thought they were brilliant
(and hes a hard druid to please
anton threw some vodka at him or something)
but anton definitely plugged into that same endless source of songs
(sauce of songs)
that i tap into
once you know how
you could just write stuff forever
(and i will)
(and its gonna get better n better)
i would humbly suggest mr newcombe gets off the fags n booze
sticks to pot
and figures out a way to drive his “car”
without having the handbrake on at the same time
but as i said before
i wouldnt mind meeting him again
and maybe this time the twain could meet

i met one of my all time heroes
tom verlaine (nee miller)
he came on tour with us in 1988
he was a strange dude
penny pinching hilarious sarcastic weird man
nothing like what i expected
he treated me like a pesky kid
and i still vividly remember one day in the dead of winter
somewhere in the north east
we pulled into this hotel at about 6 am
verlaine rings me up 1o minutes after we check in
hey kilbey….you wanna go for a uh walk
ok tom i’ll be right there
we walk to the top of this hill
where theres a kinda resovoir or something
and then we see a couple of cars of black guys
with some nasty looking deal going down
and we start running
theyre chasing us
so we run into these woods
and verlaine is sprinting down this snowy wooded hill
like a prize stallion
while i on my shorter legs struggled along behind
i thinkin how weird this is
escaping from these villains with a guy i used to idolize
(and fiends, marquee moon IS one of the best records ever)
later i meet his mom n dad
outside a gig in philly
and his mom says
you make sure tom writes to me

so ya see meeting yer heroes aint never what ya expect
i know ive disappointed lotsa people
by being rude
take yer pick
all of the above
(insert yer own badde sk experience here)
you project what you know of em
onto the real person
sometimes it dont fit
i dont walk around spoutin’ poetry all day
and neither did verlaine
he was trying to dry his socks on our bus all the time
etc etc
so buyer beware
we are all actors
actin’ out our parts
and if ya come backstage
you may see something else again
you werent expecting

my friend markus s
here in stockholm saw the boss play a few weeks ago
he said hes very preacher like etc
until a guy whips out his mobile phone down the front
and starts filming/bootlegging
the boss drops the act
and says in a very nasty way
put that away or i’ll kill ya!

there are no saints in show biz
i bet young bono can be a real prick
in fact the last few times i caught him on the telly
he was a total turkey
and i fucking HATE it if i/we get compared to them
there aint no comparison
worse being australias answer to rem
puh leese!!
we aint australias answer to anything
we the orrible ‘urch from bondi beach
and we are totally different kettle of fish
to those most ordinary vapid boring rem
i hate em
nor do echo n the rabbitboys have much in the common
tho i like them a lot more than u2s pompous dribble
and rems tepid tripe

nobody really knows our influences
except us
but most people are way off the fucking mark
when they start citing any of those guys
sing like bono?
i’d rather rip my larynx out with my bare hands
peter n mart play like peter buck?
they were both better than him
25 years ago
i wish he had gone down for slinging the yoghourt round
on the fucking aeroplane
and it was only prince bonos testimony that saved his pudgy neck
geese of a feather flock together
c’mon bring on yer abuse
i can take it
what does it matter
theyre all billionaires
and im just sk, unemployed of north bondi
and i hate it when people think
i’m copping my schtick from turkeys
who i cant stand
if you said bill nelson
or steve harley
or richard strange
or john foxx
i will happily confess to absorbing their trips
but bono or stipe
gimme a brake!!!??

any way if i wanna get my numbers up
all i gotta do is mention iraq
and yessaday i scrolling thru some bloggs
and not too far away from my own mine of useless information
is a blogg terrorism news
all you pro war fuckwits should have a read
and see whats going on there
it dont seem the iraqis ARE too jazzed with democracy after all
and i still stick to my “guns”
any attempt to justify that with some half baked half assed statistics
(which my friend the ever youth ful merrick so sagely debunked, anyway)
is just sophistry
yeah, dude
and the vietnamese really appreciated what happened there too
if you like the war
if you like guns
fuck off from my blogg
you dont deserve an opinion here
cos most of us get our stomachs turned
when OUR side commits these kinda atrocities
and as some american general said
its the tip of the iceberg
so dont bother commenting
just piss of
or go to iraq yerself and gun down some babies for jesus and democracy
im sure iraq under saddam was hell
but it was their hell
not ours
now we given em our fucking hell
and they dinnae want it!!!
leave em alone
it aint our business

ranting n raving here
its easy to say stuff
do ya think that mother(if she lived)
can appreciate democracy???
do ya go round yer neighbourhood
pacifying all the arguments ya hear behind closed doors?
so goodbye
piss off
to some other site
burn my cd s
whatever you like
just please dont tell me why us anglos
killing a kid could ever ever ever
be a good thing
maybe im ignorant
but im never gonna see it
and if i aint misjudged my readers
99 per cent of them aint seeing it either
and i hate having my blogg hi jacked for yer pro death bullshit

any way
thats off my chest
i guess i’ll leave ya all to yer lovely lives
im gonna lap up the swedish sun while it last
before the clouds come, uninvited
whatta slick ending, sk
you olde cleverdick
much love

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