posted on November 19, 2006 at 7:57 pm

xmas decorations everywhere
it gets earlier every year
shops open n close
cafes come n go
the tourists flock to bondi every weekend
the carparks fill n overflow
families from europe turn up
escaping the winter
yobbos from the western suburbs
who carry their yobbettes down
and throw em in the sea in a macho display
the regulars jog up in down in the sand
suntanned to the point of cremation
gay guys with unbelievably toned bodies
muscle men working out on the grass
lifesaving pageants and fruit juice sellers
cellulite, boob-jobs, g-strings, boogie boards
kids dig holes n sandcastles
lovers squirming around on their towels
lonely people read the newspaper
pizzas n cups of coffee
the calippo salesmen with their little cold boxes
brazilian guys practicing that dancing self defence jive
pommies getting sunburnt
italians looking cool
irish backpackers with beer
everywhere people drivin’ round
looking for a precious parking spot
come monday morning
bondi is deserted again
just the schoolkids n the locals
hurrying on their way
surf shops n bureau de changes
indian take-aways n the swiss grande
the ubiquitous tramps n bag ladies
the nice ones, the nasty ones, the nutty ones
fat rich bastards in their gas guzzler bmw suvs
poor old nobodies in their thousand buck falcons
the famous n the infamous
the known n the unknown
jostling at bondi markets
pushing thru the crowds of dopey teenage girls
gossiping, sulking, trying, buying
whaddya want?
a little skirt?
a hammock?
some old trinkets?
a bar of soap?
picture frames or mirrors?
an ‘orrible sausage sizzle (disgustin’!!)
a black sabbaff tshirt?
everyone looking for a bargain
everyone cram into bondi sunday afternoon
everyone leave at the same time
traffic locks up
the streets empty out
everyone gone home again
thats it
till next week
when it all starts again
and thats it from me
till tomorrow



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