posted on May 27, 2011 at 8:49 pm

hazy merit

sing then o muse oh then sing me a river

sing me a mirror  and sing me a sky

sing me a garden with panther and peacock

sing me the echo at the end of my time

o mortal the rivers that rush from olympus

they carry sleek fish that all whisper the sea

but waiting downstream is the fox and the jackal

and the eagle above in the mirroring sky

this then is you as live within your time

the minutes imprison  yet the years set you free

the magnetic attraction of all your possessions

but everything slipping past right through your hands

the beast deep inside you demanding its dinner

the angel above if you only could see

the gold in the earth is reflecting the sun man

the silver beneath you reflecting the moon

and the stars in the heavens that swim through the darkness

the darkness itself penetrated by light

and time your conundrum your fate and your paradox

and life is your dream when you lie in the earth

the blood and the tears are the rubies and diamonds

and the emerald sea with its monsters and pearls

and just in one instant its all gone into nowhere

and just in one second its all null and void

the world that you knew is still turning without you

yet something is missing though something is new

the wolf with the lamb in its jaws is the future

the serpent in wait on a branch of  the  tree

the chasm is yawning the trap has been looming

the jungle is teeming with the bear and the boar

threshing the corn that conceals the cobra

the machinery teeth of the armies of war

the spear and the arrow the insult and arrogance

the ergot the cactus the poppy the grape

the women and men all grasp at each other

but no one can save you from oncoming death

is life so bleak then o muse can you answer

when  is the appointed hour of release

how will it feel when this play is all over

how many days am i certain to see

oh no man can know when his hour is coming

oh no man can bear this terrible grief

i couldnt tell you and you couldnt listen

and it wouldnt save you or give you back time

this is the night at the end of your day and

this is the rest at the end of your work

this is the way it always must be and

all must endure it whatever it holds

but already i had stopped hearing her

my mind was so restless my heart was so numb

my fear and my selfishness pulling the strings and

ignorance seemed like a warm place to be

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