posted on April 12, 2011 at 4:11 pm



it was a huge undertaking

it could have gone horribly wrong

but it didnt

i wont bore you or myself with all that

all i know is i walked onstage at the oh and things went mostly right

we had a 67 piece orchestra

we had special guests as follows

patti hood on harp, a longstanding friend of the church n world class harpist

jonathan zwartz on double bass , one of australias very best

sophie collings on cello whos featured on a few of our discs

tiare helberg and  shelley  harland on backing vox

and of course craig wilson on guitar, bass and vox…our utility man

the band played well

the arrangements were just right

the orch played with verve and elan

we nailed it

they nailed it

it was nailed

the audience were fantastic

i believe the sound was good too

it was a task to get it all right

best gig of my life i guess

whens the next one…..?

theres a 90 minute tv special in works

theres a 2 hour dvd in works

theres talk of taking the orch idea to different cities round the world

i hope so

it was some night!


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