posted on June 21, 2006 at 5:39 am

this is my take
i aint no doctor
but this is what ive gleaned/realised/learned/heard/intuited
over my long years here on this planet and in this body
your body and your mind have the potential to do almost anything
its the most simple and the most difficult thing
its so much more subtle
its so much more obvious
its so well hidden
not trying to be cryptic/poetic here fiendss
first of all
the soul interfaces n drives the body in some tiny gland
in yer brain, literally the seat of the soul
yer mind is not you
its a part of you
the mind is incredibly powerful once leashed
if you believe you are your mind
and the mind does whatever it pleases
then that can be a real cosmic cockup
you are an immortal soul
without beginning or end
our “science” here has no way of understanding that
nor do i
but i believe it
with your thoughts
once harnessed
you can change things
the way you want
your body is a lovely delicate machine
it was lovingly designed
and if you treat it right
it should give ya 70/80 years of good service
dont eat meat
yes it has protein and vitamins blah blah blah
but its a heavy dead bit of animals corpse
its sad and disgustin’
and maybe you are what you eat
fruit baybee
cmon you know that juicy fruit gonna give ya life
vitality, fiendss
cultivate this elusive quality
eat yer veggies
enjoy yer (soy/rice/oat) milk
nothing fake or heavy or chemically fucked up
you know what im talking about
then remember
give yer stomach a break every now n then
dont ever under any circumstances smoke (any more) cigarettes
ive smoked em and they fucked me right up
will never undo all the damage…
a paradox
to get energy ya gotta expend energy
get chi/prana into yerself
breathing exercises/pranayama/tai chi/chi gong
just respirate
feel that energy which permeates this universe
let it enter thee
alcohol in v. small medicinal doses
at home i drink once in a blue moon
on tour i may have one or 2 drinks a night
to warm up or loosen up or whatever the hell
i do it for
but it takes it toll
and i always pay for it
i recommend cognac or stoli vodka or zwack unicom
these drinks work cleanly for me
but only as occaisional things
a DROP of red wine is never a bad thing
dont smoke too much dope
cocaine n speed whilst being exhilarating drugs
use you up like wildfire
once or twice a year max
exstacy ditto
smack never
lsd mushrooms 2/3 times a year but be careful
now we got that outta the way
you just know im gonna recommend yoga again
its for fat/thin/young/olde people
even americans
and its a system for uniting your three elements
spirit mind body
it works
you gotta put some work in
its a reward unto itself
‘the mere side effects will change you
it works if you work it
but it dont if you dont
got an hour a day
to retune yer system
get it running on all cylinders
i hope it dont seem i ram these things down yer throat
its just that
i was a cynic
i was a sceptic
yoga works
do it everyday and watch yerself go go
and walk everywhere
take the long way round
climb the fuckin staircase
go swimmin’
go camping
switch off the telly
dont read the gossip rags
try to stay outta arguments…
they suck yer energy right out
vibrate faster
charge things with yer good will n intent
count yer blessings
bend the world to your will
to understand something, love it
evil is the stuff that makes you sad n unhappy
getting olde aint so bad if you can try to improve as well
but better to start improving while yer young
when yer fifty youll have the face you deserve
be yourself
who you wanna be
dont put on a fucking act
it uses up vitality
floss yer teeth twice a day
find someone you love and stick with em
kids ll fill ya with vitality
and drain it straight back out
ecinacea works
manuka honey works
aloe vera works
acupuncture works
pranic healing works
astral travel is possible
there are ghosts n discarnate entities
there is a god
attempt to establish dialogue in yer own way
manuals how to do that
you know what they are
the sea has some special revitalizing element
but so too in clean rivers n lakes
dont raise yer voice …burns up vitality
if someones got bad energy , leave their company
or tell em to piss off
avoid people who make ya feel badde
grape juice has special curative powers…drink liberally
plants in the home
trees n nature make ya feel good
fluorescent lights, tvs, computers
leafblowing machines, aeroplanes,
shopping malls, junk food
all that makes me feel bad
listen to what yer body is trying to say to ya
execise yer will
make yerself do something hard or regularly
reality shows
crime shows
you feel bad
microwaved stuff is bad stuff
msg is bad stuff
being angry driving a car burns up vitality
being jealous destroys vitality
ditto envy
dont let em make ya feel bad
dont believe everything they tell ya
its possible that some govts
are cynically, blatantly
fucking us over
just like stalin, or nero
or insert classic imbecile dictator here
war kills people
everyone has to refuse it as an option for it to end
i dunno if school is good or bad
i dunno if inoculations are good or bad
i dunno if abortion is good or bad
so many things i dont have a clue about
never black n white always grey
many sides to one story
one mans meat is another mans poison
one mans fish is another mans poisson
i hate eggplant, cucumber, capsicum
i hate any metal music
and rap
they eat up my vitality
dont overstimulate yerself
be kind to yerself
go easy on yerself
thats my advice

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