posted on March 24, 2011 at 5:17 pm

mr clean with (soy) milk

arranging with an arranger

adding strings n things

whatsa a fuckin’ bassoon do n all that malarkey

a bit more friggin’ pizzicato

a tad more bleedin’ french horn

give those cellos a bitta welly guvnor

turn up the whatchamacallit for more wallop

fuck yeah more tremulated crotchets and make it allegro

make it presto hey

make the geezas on those woodwinds earn their top dollar

whip that lazy harpist why its patti hood from armenia

she escaped from the 13th century and now shes as slim as a teenager

still the old armenian magic in her fingers

telling stories of the distant stars and the struggle of life

telling stories of the deeply rivered land

and the  love that lives on after the bodys death

her fingers back n forth on the strings

like a widow weaving fate on her enchanted loom

like an eastern witch casting some mesmerising spell

backwards and forwards her fingers weave in mathematical poems

up and back she never misses her mark

as she plucks and she lays out

as she touches and watches

that beautiful sound oh that heavenly music

sprinkled all over the churches hammer and cruise

oh yeah pity you aint got your tickets coz its almost sold out

too bad this is a one off me old matey

dvd yeah but….

i really wish i could have all of you there

but still…..

back to work





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