posted on April 29, 2009 at 9:20 pm

drop kids at school
go swimming
do yoga
work on painting
painting of some woodland creatures cavorting in forest
very colourful
early night
have a horrible cold n cough
today i’m getting my blood tested for a load of things
might as well find out where i stand
vis a vis cholesterol diabetes cancer etc
so i’m getting everything tested
will let you know…..
had a long talk to my accountant davey r
who’ll be happy to know
his name appears in the index of my biography
wow hes a really nice guy too
and we talked for a while
now today
i gotta ring the taxman or woman personally
and negotiate with em
they wanna talk to me…..!
ok well i’ll let ya all know how that one goes
talk about 2 worlds colliding..
and before we start that whining carping idiot off again
(and sure enough it did…how predictable)
lemme say
i have been paying taxes since 1972
ive never missed a year until 2007
i believe in a socialist system
try n look after everybody
free health etc
and ive always been happy to pay
and in my “good” years thats been a lot
ive paid a load of tax in my 54 years
as ya know
i got a cuppla big lump payments in 2006 2007
i neglected to put any tax aside
(unlike most of you i am not taxed at source)
and voila
i’m in a spot of bother
seeing i am now pretty broke
and due to the nature and irregularity of my payments
eg gigs records paintings
i cannot guarantee any real payment schedule
i dunno if i can pay 200 hundred bucks(for example) a week back
(and they want about 500 a week!!)
on top of every other thing
i dunno where thats gonna come from….
i mean
i want to pay off my fucking tax
i will eventually pay off my fucking tax
but at the moment
i cant say how long its gonna take
this is my own problem
i’m not being victimised or anything
i was just naive and procrastinating and foolish
an old accountant told me 29 years ago
when i got my first music biz cheque
he said
see half of it as yours
and the other half as the tax mans
and fucking put his half away NOW!
well i did alright for so long
then i lost the plot
and now i’m trying to get back on track
not the kinda interview i’m used to either
see how i go…..?!
on sunday appearing at another vegan expo
i havent been a terribly good vegan lately
im sure everyday i eat something with a little milk in it
ie chocky
but overall i am 95 per cent vegan
i do my lazy best i guess
and at 54
im as loose limbed and fit as i ever was at 24
i gotta load of energy
and i get most things done
i can run around onstage hefting my heavy bass
and sing out n not lose my breath
my hair is thinner n finer but not yet greying
(only my beard)
i can create the best music of my career
i can raise my kids
i can do twenty laps
i can walk 20 miles thru the bush
i can do a hour of yoga
i can keep my lovely wife happy
and i can come up with something on here everyday
things im not so good at : officialdom
money matters
anger management
am i honest enough for you?
are you getting your moneys worth?
had a 2 year subscription from runar in scandinavia
but he didnt give me a blog theme….
sure its a hokey idea
hey i’m full of em
i like to work given some guidelines…
i like doing peoples portraits too…
i just dont like ringing up the taxman that much
but today
i will
could be a blood shedding day all round
love on ya n over ya

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