posted on June 15, 2010 at 9:19 am

i sing the bloody eclectic
i sing the unsingable song
i sing of crete and concrete and the discrete layers of life
i sing of the underworld and the overdrive
i sing of hashish i sing of myrrh
i sing of aphrodites ichor
i sing of enkidus fur
i sing of the garden now barred
i sing of men ill-starred
i sing of whores and virgins and hags and beauties
i sing the deepest song of the seven seas
and the seven seals
and the seven dwarves
and seven years of bad luck
and seventy seven sunset strip
i sing of dillinger and derringer and delicates and doom
i sing of zeus amon and white hippy moses and burning bushes
i sing you asleep
i sing you awake
i sing to your skins and your hearts
i sing of seances and ectoplasm
i sing dimensions i sing spells
i sing unaccompanied i sing with birds
i sing badly i sing well
i sing roughly
i sing smoothly
i sing and i croon and i shout it all out
i sing even if no one listens
i sing even if no one hears
i sing to the sailors and soldiers
i sing to the head neck and shoulders
i sing to the stones and the boulders
i sing to myself in the shower
i sing and i vaguely can remember the power
i sing to arcturus to antares to sirius to andromeda
i sing childhood in
i sing old age out
i sing the chemical nuptials
i sing the storm i sing the calm
i sing in the vibrating dawn
i sing wordless
i sing epic tales in sanskrit and greek and english and swedish
i sing the mahabharata i sing the gospels
i sing dr seuss and dr dee and dr death and dr my eyes
i sing with my heart i sing with my soul
i sing without remembering in amnesias black hold
i sing to my mothers i sing to my brothers
i sing to you and any others
i sing to macbeth and miranda and to lear and round here
i sing the milky way and i sing the hard way
and i sing the old ways and old days
i sing the hits and misses
i sing young and old
i sing and i stop and i sing once again
i sing glam classical mineral gnostic and inner country
i sing with gb3 and the 3 fates and the 3 norns
i sing sometimes with my 2 horns
i sing hell and i sing well and i sing in one fell swoop
i sing bohemia i sing in my deleria
i sing in the school cafeteria
i sing in corpuscles and bacteria
i sing in sickness and in health
in poverty and in wealth
i sing in this life in last life in everylife
i sing everyman i sing for no one
i sing for profit prophet and for fucking fun
i sing as i come undone
i sing U#23 i sing only for me
i sing for thee
i sing and i begin
i sing anything everything
i sing what no one else can or will sing
i sing for eurydice i sing for medea
i sing for my supper and i sing on some upper
i sing in my slippers
i sing for day trippers and night riders
i sing the hurt inside us
i sing as my muse bids
i sing for the bedsit kids
i sing soundless and groundless and endless
i sing the sacred i sing the ephemeral
i sing the horrible and the terrible
i sing to keep the outside out
and the inside in
i sing of virtue and sin
i sing of cabbages and kings
and whether pigs have wings
and i sing the things the darkness will bring
and when its all over
even then
i sing

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