posted on October 26, 2012 at 3:46 pm

cue short interlude piece

i am the time being

stuck in time like a fly in glue

here i am with this one weird life

i saw my daughters play last night in sydney

it was in a smallish noisy club and my ears were killing me

behind the ear plugs i’d stuck in

the sound ricochets in my head


these 2 girls come on and sing some songs

i cant believe these 2 are my daughters

its like science fiction to me

i dont believe any of this sometimes either

identical twin singers one dark one blonde

who is writing this stuff…?

sometimes people say tell me about your memories

i remember going to a gig once

and took one twin with me

it was a week in ibiza in 98

the weather was hot the water was so warm

a lovely couple gave us their flat

we ate dinner every night at 11 pm

we went to beaches and we swam

and my daughter had a little blow up  boat

and we would play with that

me coming up from under

and capsizing her and things like that

and we walked through the tourists and cafes

we went up to the look outs and looked out

on the flight back to sweden people were smoking on the plane

that was the last time i ever saw that

tho many musicians etc i knew used to smoke hash tobacco joints

on the way to london n back

its incredible to think of now…so much has changed..

my daughters singing in a club

the sculptures by the sea

the tempestuous weather

as the noose draws a bit tighter

ask not for whom the bell tolls

it tolls for thee

a whirlpool of events is unleashed

the most unlikely thing true

the truest thing unlikely

i guess my daughters arent bad at all

not that i can hear that much under these conditions

they move about and seem confident

but i find it hard to get distance from them

i cant really tell whats happening

i have my own thing

i understand that

they have their own thing

they have utilised their predispositions

to create some lovely stuff

what they do will make people happy

it comes from a good and kind place

i do very much like what they do

but obviously i would say that …wouldnt i?

all my daughters bring me great joy

i cherish the thought they can

with their diverse gifts

make some people happy in this world

because we can always use a bit more of that

meanwhile im working on a new album

its just coming out so im just going with it

just some new songs and all that

hoping to get it out by dec

will keep ya posted



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