posted on May 9, 2013 at 6:18 pm
whats my motivation

whats my motivation

i feel like i want to sleep and sleep

sleep and sleep and…..

send me a nice dream

the one with the warm white sands and the gurgling brook

the picnics the days without end

have made me so very sleepy

dads gone down the shops for a paper

the holidays go on and on

but tomorrow they are meant to end

i am sad in some way i dont know

everybodys here i suppose

my bath made me warm and quite drowsy

like distant christmases

the cheerful words to some carol still elude me

the sacred nothing i can remember

ive been a boy for thousands of years

playing and running and mucking around

the ladies arriving for a party

some of them kissing and pinching my cheek

i run around the dunes of the islands

i already knew this feeling back then

this sunday feeling on thursday evening

these glaring pinpricks of light in your eyes

nothing you take nothing you say

nothing you did nothing you need

but sleep seems inviting in some pleasant way

the dream of some summer in a strangers garden

the hum of the elderberry the grunt of the vine

please leave me behind

dont put me into that dream

just leave it intact

i know i might ruin it

let those splendid afternoons roll on unobserved

those mossy walled lanes that lead to the forest

those children so happy and well behaved

how we sang in school halls

competing in games

athletes and players according to  want

dream remain there where nobody touches it

i  feel sleepier still than ever before

i wonder

i wonder

i wonder

i wonder


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