posted on October 28, 2014 at 8:58 pm
another room in the east

another room in the east

we are doing a little tour in australia playing f/d and only f/d

its going pretty well except for a few rude morons in canberra of all places

sorry you wanted to hear old songs but we’re just doing our new album

we are not at your beck n call nor are we jukeboxes regurgitating old tunes

we are the church we are unrepentant

we do what we want despite what anybody says

i cop so much flak just for doing any single fucking thing

i pursued music so diligently i did my homework

i take it all in

all of us in the church we put the time in

we put the love in

i cannot think of an album i’ve been involved in that has as much love

we are getting wonderful reviews and i thank you all for the enthusiasm

the naysayers have receded to an impotent bunch of trainspotters and tools

all of them so sure they would hate it and guess what they really do

still the general consensus is otherwise

these naysayers are like a mosquito bite on my sensitivity

they cause a minor irritation and then they are gone

the necessary bloodsucking that nature apparently demands

live the band is kicking ye olde arse

12 new songs is not an easy ask on band or audience

but it was necessary

ian has to show what he brings to the table

because he brings a lot

not some hack to churn out old songs

peter and tim are monstrously good

craig wilson on auxiliary instruments is fantastic

playing all the things nobody else can get to

me? well i make mistakes and stuff

i keep trying harder and harder

remembering a bunch of words and bass parts

the fender 6 getting a good work out

we are not perfect yet but we sure  rocking on

i am enjoying myself

i am enjoying this incarnation of the band

after all its only rocknroll

its for fun..right?

so we will be back next year in australia and elsewhere

then we will deffo be playing some old choons

it just couldnt start like that straight off the bat

yes and my book will be with us very soon too

so you have 2 completely different things to immerse yourself in

should you want to enter the fucked up zany kilbosphere

brisbane is sold out

melbourne is going to be close

both these are nice venues or so i have been told

anyway it had to be this way

i hope we come to your city next year somewhere in this world

i am very proud of f/d and of our live sound

we will persevere on into the future god willing

and we will remain true to ourselves

on that

you can rely





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