posted on August 13, 2006 at 3:18 am

where are you now nevets?
ohio, in a hampton inn, room 316
its finally quiet
my room is sedate n welcoming
the bed seems very comfortable
the tinnitus sings in my ears
ah a job for some kraut rock to mask the whine
popul vuh….thatll do
well we eventually got outta nyc in one peace
we hit the road to sellersville
lovely olde theatre
nice people
good gig
i read some where that some whinging bastard
thought we were boring cos we didnae play the olde numbers
gee i guess i musta imagined those 2 standing ovations then
always some wanka who dont like it
oh well thats life n thats the occupational hazard too
ive just driven all day across p.a.
whatta beautiful state
corn a swayin in the zephyrs
lazy meandering rivers
undulating hills
lovely olde houses
a lovely part of america….at least in summer
i guess its pretty bleak in winter
the weather is cooler here too
about 75-80
very pleasant
in fact i stood outside our hotel this morning
doing my chi gong
and i was totally blissed out
reminding me of sweden actually
later on i dropped a zxanax n smoked a spliff
strapped on the headies
and was completely surprised
when i woke up hours later at a gas station somewhere
i’d been out there in deep space
where there are no problemos
just the drift drift drift
we drive n drive thru tiny broken down towns
a town called sharon
(you are now entering sharon)
where everything seemed closed down
youngstown….no accom
i actually dont know where the fuck i am rite now
probably 5 minutes away from something or someone interesting
but what good does it do me
its sat’day nite
its 11 34
im on my own
weve had dinner
(a nother effing veggie burger w/ avocado)
i left the table early so the others get a decent chance
to bitch about me
it puts em off their vitriol if im in earshot
let me say
yer humble heros ears are burning like buggery rite now
who cares
its like being in a family
only families grow up
n rock bands never do
how weird it is
sitting here where i dont know
on me lonesome
just popul vuh playing quietly in the background
maybe i’ll have a bath n play submarines
maybe i’ll get an early knight
maybe i’ll switch on the telly n see how world war threes going
im atta loose end
i ring home but nobody answers
its sunday afternoon in aust
funny to think of nk n the doodles n bumper out there somewhere
i wonder if theyre thinkin’ of me at this very moment
well ive met some of the famous commentators from these pages
krissy the grouper, a sweet young thing
baal n zeus, a wild hippy type
cst coach, lean n trim w/pretty girlfriend
melquiades whose bigger than he used to be
and a whole buncha others
thanks fiendss
you got me hovering round the 16, 17 mark
(i briefly hit 13!!!)
and that aint badde when ya think of 10 million bloggers in the us alone
i saw so much landscape today
i tried to remember it all for ya
but now my minds a blank(et)
im so weary atta cellular level
i aint had more than 4 or 5 hours sleep for weeks now
im too olde for this lark
need a holiday…
good gigs comin up
thatll be a good one to come to…
so come!
deetroit….hmmmm…not sure
indianapolis… idea..played there once in 90
cleveland (they never like us there)
milwaukee….maybe….maybe not
san fran ah we’ll have la hoodie back
oh hoodie we miss ya
we miss yer heavenly harp n yer armenian slang
hows yer silver mogadichon?
so i dunno
a strangely unsatisfying bloggie
i shoulda made uppa poem instead
it aint all dancing on clouds
a bit of a drive left to detroit 2 morrow
the magic theatre eh?
hope to find some jazz there too as we’re out
i dunno
detroit scares me a little
am i just a coward?
dont answer that….
see ya in mitch again

fare thee well

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