posted on December 5, 2007 at 1:54 am

saw ye olde quack this morning
for alas your humble fools ear is still non-functioni
so tomorra im on the special-list
to see specialist
oh all the pseudo-ephedrine n codeine has rotted my sox
im alert and in no pain but i cant hear a fucking thing
and my left ear going down i realise how bad my right ear is
rehearsals friday n i’m feeling pessi-mystic
no pristine silence neither
but the roar and ring and shriek of tinnitus
from one million guitar chords ringing on for ever
i paint and paint to meet my dead lines
feel sorry for me
feel very sorry for me
pray to your heathen gods and spirits
offer sacrifice for my well being my time being
dont eat from dusk to dawn
name your teddy steven if you want tho i may lash you
i’ll do anything to vote my earache out of office
anyway the quack says the ear quack may have to suck or blow
(he wasnt sure, witch)
going in thru my nose to get at blockage
gee thats not sounding like much fun doc…..
i really hope i dont have to play in this cond…
have been watching dvd of auckland show
and am very satisfied with result
it should be hitting the black market any day
shortly followed by the blue market and the common market
lotta people asking wherefore be painkiller?
coming my frogs coming
people say where is poetry?
people say be nice to kevin rudd the saviour of the free world
his posters still hang around bondi
simply saying new leadership..
is he ever gonna take em down
or will they be up permanently like kim sod jong the thirds?
ok no more rudd jibes
from now on i am the apolitical animal
oblivious to the sliminess of the whole business
i know this is a very basic assumption to question
but think about it a little
i asked it the other day and its growing in my mind:
has the electoral system really served us, the hoi polloi, well
i say a resounding nope!
back to the painting
see you soon

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