posted on April 26, 2006 at 4:59 am

i waited fifteen minutes
before i climbed out of the chrysalis
so this was the world of men…!
other than the enveloping fog
nothing had really changed
the soft moan of the shells was audible
even in the asian gardens
the centres sprinklers system had malfunctioned
the cameras became damaged by the water
the film exposed revealed hidden shadows
lurking in the velvet black
lamp black
chinese white
a crumbly powder
i wondered what that was used for
people appeared behind curtains embracing
a sooty grimy city night fell down almost at once
black cats criss-crossed my path
the marshes bayed for human blood
mosquitoes as big as swallows
built nests in that stagnant thinktank
once a library
now home to book worms
devouring your autobiography
living your life in negative
so this 2006
how futuristic
forever young
forever beautiful
forever surfing the present
into this future
which parts for you
like a vein red sea
until you are deep in deep time
then it slows down around you
you wake up sleepwalking
in the enemy camp
you are now so far gone
youve rebounded off infinity
and youre staggering round this neck of the woulds
you quoting poe to the sikh parking inspector
you wearing crimson in eden
you with the cute snarl
well thats the way it goes
i guess
im not prepared to expect anything much
its a hot/cold day/night here
suddenly im empty

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