posted on June 27, 2006 at 9:05 pm

oohhh naughty boy sk
you slept in you crazy olde rocker
man its already 7 06
yessaday sk walking past ye olde liquor store
was guided by voices to buy a lovely bottle of
(for medicinal purposes)
and it seems the damn stuff has made me sleep in
a herbal liqueur…it must be good for ya right?
jesus that taste
feel like ive been tasting that that for thousands of years
like if youd dropped into some witches place
in the middle of the forest
in the middle of the middle ages
she woulda given ya something like this
to warm the cockles of yer heart
black thick bitter stuff
nk says whatcha doin’ drinkin liquor in the afternoon?
i say its ok, its herbal…
jonny z drops around
he has some too
its ok its herbal….
more after dinner
(a soy cheese pizza from the lil gourmet pizza shop!)
its ok its herbal
and a spliff
its ok its herbal too
then your humble bumpkin
has a last look thru yonder emails
uh oh
seems i have an interview tuesday nite
but….thats tonite
summoning george the 007 of taxi drivers
who arrives dead on the money
he delivers your slightly worse fer wear hero
to 2 ser in downtown syddley
on the 26 floor of some scraper
(sk hates elevators)
i arrive miraculously on time
and stroll into an interview
with john e.
whos playing chruch vinyl singles
and getting me to comment on em
well with the jagermeister and herbal auxillary
yer humble hippy foole waxes loquaciously
fer an hour on all things primitive chruchy
weird to see them little black singles goin round
after a few months in eye choons land
she never said our first single…what a giggle
then sisters n tear it all away….turning into ourselves at last
blah blah blah
talking about the olde daze
what happened to richie ploog
hes a gardener
etc etc
ole sk waltzes off into the good night
blow me down if george the 007 of all taxi drivers
aint waitin’ out the front
what service
and a scintillating conversation about men n women too
george, as some great sage once said,
love is a battlefield
its never gonna be exactly how ya want it
thats the obstacle course, fiendss
men n women
part of the obstacle course
you’ll get yer chance to play all the parts
look at me surrounded by women
a lone male voice in a house full of female jive
would i want it any other way?
hell no
but sometimes i wish there was occaisionally another bloke
so i could say
didja just hear that?
here have another jagermeister..
its ok, its herbal….
speaking of women
the doodles have escaped the liftoff velocity of their warm beds
and are roaming about now
getting into trouble
new colouring books
and markers ready
i guess thats probably the end of it then
(getting cold in yon poole fiendss
can ya dig 16 degrees for half n hour)
gotta sort out my messy studio room
its disgustin
an explosion of receipts, cd’s, paints, pastels paper
guitar cases, books etc
cant even move in there now
must get some painting in
commissions to finish…
wonder how the jagermeister is for brekky…?
dont worry, its herbal….

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