posted on June 18, 2011 at 8:47 pm


the hammer of the gods

the whip of the moon

the electric lash of the trees in the studio

one of these days im gonna slide down that rainbow way

im outside your house i see everything you cant find

a ship of the silverest metal

i’m not your 20th century man, oh no

i dont want to feel like a machine

youre not the only one who wants to feel the in between

i want to be a machine

dont believe what you heard faithfuls not a bad word

love the one youre with love the one youre with

darling darling do we part like the seas…?

you got off light  lying there in your own world tonight

keep on playing them mind games

i’m stiff on my legend

my death waits there in the double bed

the sails of oblivion at my head

forget that i’m fifty cos you just got paid

all you sweet girls with your sweet talk

you can all go take a fucking walk

it was a delicate crime

inside the car sat a sulky blonde

on her lap the road went on and on

its the last ride our little game is over

i remember riding riding in your car

i see the city’s ripped backsides

if you wanna be the passenger

you cant afford the ticket

i got 2 loves i got 2 loves

and they go tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet like little birds

theyre my true loves

yonder shes walking long black hair

there she goes there she goes again

in winter when the fog rolls in upon the briny deep

the apartments are half empty and the big talk is cheap

the sweetest pearl in the shell

why even jesus christ was betrayed by a kiss

its coming on again life speeds up dont you know

i love you like the stars above you

gather round all you clowns let me hear you say


as i go along my way i say hey hey

good morning steve well you wont believe me today

aurora what you doing here?

an old man here says that he knew you in another life

this life reserved for a friend

is this the end beautiful friend

of our elaborate plans the end

we drive into the east

look at the map add up the cost

dont let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

so tired of running from my own heat

as we ride down the highway 101

hiding in the backstreets

always something there to remind me

only 24 hours from tulsa

25 or 6 to 4

1 for the money

2 for the show

3 to get ready

7 times i cursed these 7 tears

but ive been dirt but i dont care

on saturday night i saw a light shine from a window

driving home from the show i saw your lights

i knew youd been with her

my abstract model

my favourita

is this where you live

you only live twice





(there was a lot more to this blog

but an error caused me to lose the other half

i am to0 weary to try to reproduce it so

i will let this fragment remain)


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