posted on August 10, 2010 at 7:08 pm

piano forte ad astra nauseam

rainy rainy day here

wherever here is

its all an illusion

we are all interconnected

we perceive all this difference

maybe thats all bullshit

why listen to me

i got my ulterior motives i got my agenda

i got my whispering voices

i got my fears my prejudices my unreason

i got my nescience

i travel through time

i travel through space to my celestial sanctum

its a beautiful cathedral

no its a moonlit night in the arcadian forest

see the satyrs dancing on cloven hooves

see the dryads boogaloo as they leave their trees……

no, my sanctum  is a hindu temple carved in sanskrit aphorisms

i worship the great god vishnu lord of this universe…..

no it is a gentle garden where i walk with christ

oh what a profoundly beautiful evening

oh my jesus what a lovely cat….

the 21st century intrudes

i am a white bearded poet tapping on a computer keyboard

life slips away in drips n drabs

credits n debits appear on my screen

yama somewhere making his calculation

st peter at the pearly gates snorts in derision

kilbey ….? you gotta be joking….

hades doesnt even look up as i arrive…

he stamps my passport and looks at my visa under his ultra violet doo dah

out in the street a car beep beep beeps

a kid yells out in the house next door

my script lies open at page 47 which is still unsigned

in my bedroom with my clothes lying all around

my black jeans my black shirt my black undies

frankincense burns warding off them old evil spirits

everything happ’ning on these levels :







and a load of others i cant even imagine right now

all energy comes from the sun

i before e except after c

verbs are conjugated

nouns form declensions

an oblong n a rectangle are the same thing

there are 7 types of ambiguity

a bass guitar is tuned E A D G

gouache is a kinda opaque watercolour

pat benatar said love is a battlefield

george harrison said i’d have you anytime

lou reed said heroin…its my life n its my wife

mel gibson said @#%$$$#$**&^%% n who can blame him…?

my mother once said  serves you right you bloody pig (after i ate too many cherries)

the clock said tick tock tick but never tock

the rain keeps a’fallin’

my play remains unlearnt

i cant concentrate with all these thoughts fallin’ like rain

with all this rain fallin’ like thoughts

glad i gotta roof over my head

glad i gotta head over my brain

glad i gotta brain in which to house my rolls royce mind

glad my rolls royce mind can dream up all this but wont/cant remember a few simple lines

glad i got kip n johnny c on my side in texas

fuck it i remember the alamo

n i remember thermopylae as well

i remember carthage too like i was there only yesterday

i had a carthaginian wife and those roman bastards killed all of us

i remember rome too we played there in 1986 didnt we

we drank red wine n ate prima vera con funghi n ploogy made everyone laugh

i met an italian girl n it was like she was out of the decameron or something

but the air assaulted me with its memories and i remembered other voices

cars slosh thru the rainy streets

the kids are watching tv

a toilet flushes

a light comes on

a fridge switches off

a plane flies overhead

my digestive juices do their gig semi autonomously

2 absolute fuckwits are vying for the job of aussie prime minister

one is an ugly awkward woman with a stupid accent

she dont believe in nothing except getting re-elected

shes got as much charisma as an used band aid

the other one is a silly little git whose a bit of a religious ratbag

hes a cocky little sod n heaven help us if he gets in

i cant stand either one n i wish theyd give me the fuckin’ job

at least i can play bass guitar and know what an oblong is

i’m prettier than her too with my lovely jawline

and i can speak english much better than both of em

he’s pretty fit for a politician but he didnt write utmw did he?

sure i had my chequered past but now i am re-formed, aint i?

still the rain falls n falls

i just ate some banana bread

i got a bit of a sniffle

i got a bit of a headache too from squinting at this friggin’ computah

you got your  troubles i got mine

i had some sour cream in my chili tonite so i’m a useless vegan

i’m going in for my second bout with the vine on thursday night

yeah thats ayahuasca to you smart ass…google it if you dunno what it is

i got some energetic block n i cant move forward

a good friend suggested i get back in the ring with the vine thing

i know i gotta vomit all night

i know i gotta shake n sweat n shudder n moan

i gotta get this all out in the open

the vine aint no drug it aint no kick it aint no re-creational malarkey

the vine is the power n the glory n i know its gonna set me straight

its like goin’ to the dentist

my fucking psyche needs a route canal, pal

i gotta swallow that suite medicine , man

i gotta get rid of all this bile, childe

but tonite its rain rain rain

the arse end of winter

cold in the pool

hot in the sauna

no billy today or his streetwise sagacious advice

for breakfast poached pear n rhubarb n muesli n soy hot chocky

coated my dry skin in shea butter …go on google that too

its from afrika you know

it 7 now n its dark n rainy

should get back to trying to force that play into my head

2morro i got rehearse n dont wanna let the side down

i bet everyone else knows their part by heart

ok i better stop now

get it together despite this inclement weather

aloha then

thats it……..

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