posted on June 13, 2014 at 7:57 pm
out of shadows

out of shadows

the dank dirt dealt in darkness

the seething propensity of city by the sea

oozing floozies and floorshow flesh home

the taloned and fanged furies following on

disjointed unannointed disappointment

corrosive explosive surge of traffic baffling the bends

the full stop of propellors in the too thick air

they never will land anywhere

jelly and lamb as sick as i am

i force you to main course i do

divorced in corsica or something formless let me see

the doggerel biting ankle deep in steeped tea

the spirit of lucien set free

i’m a little bigshot from the CBD

with my stripe tie die as i try i never seem to

its the idiomatic lie that i ever dream to

concrete bunker hunker down who’d have thunk it?

they can just print more money …cant they..?


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