posted on February 5, 2007 at 12:36 am

and theres some horrible jack hammer going out there
im listening to levitation
one of the great lost bands
i actually met bick too, one of the guitarists…
im not feeling so great today
tho im not sure why….
kinda tired n uninspired
yeah baybee
even geniuses have their off days
and so do even i
and im not sure what to write to ya all
i ve done my swim
i went round the back of the pavillion where the trees are
i did my qi gong in the cool breezes
came home had a smoothie
thats it
i gotta get cracking on some stuff
but i feel enervated
it was a very hot still night here
i had dreams
struggling in the war n the music industry
what year was it?
jesus i struggled n struggled all night long
wrestling my daemons
performing tasks which unravelled at the last moment
can you imagine the horrors a mind like mine can dredge up?
i fought n i hid as i lay in my bed
in my mind i climbed up mountains
and i lived in a house by some coast
and i was trying to catch a plane
and i was waiting for somebody….
maybe even you
at a bridge
and there was a castle…just like in a dream-play too
im outside that theatre with my bunch of flowers
another actor whose leaving says
she’ll be out soon….she’s coming
she’s almost finished , she’ll be out soon
says someone else as they leave
50 years later im standing there still
my wilted flowers
my clothes in tatters
my white hair
a worker comes out of theatre
she’ll be down soon ….she’s nearly ready…
these dreams….
no rest even when we rest……
in my dream i play concerts where things go wrong
to people who cant hear n arent there
only slightly more fluid than la vrai vie
my mind feels turbulent n then turgid
this is when i hate being me
time being for the time being
my nightmares have always had the measure of me
anyway that was last nite
today i have dentist appointment
i dont have the best teeth
i usually need a cuppla fillings every visit
and i aint been for a year
now i gotta hear my jewish/south african dentist
tut n i told you so
as he prods n probes the yawning nerve deep black holes in my teef
and racks up them wallet bustin’ fillings that im gonna be needing
now i musta bought this olde tooth quack half a lexus
having spent at least twenty five k on my fangs
the quack wants to replace em all with crowns
he says my dentine is almost all gone
oh only a cuppla grande each
and exruciatingly painful
and after a year or two if yer gums recede slightly
you got the metal bit at the top showing
anyway why spend a 4-tune on yer teef when yer this olde?
you could die 2-morrow and it’d be a waste of money…or what?
so im racing my teef to death cos i reckon i might go before them
uh …this is reading back a bit kinda…uh…negative or something
i should cut my losses and skedaddle
cheers to all kind subscribers everywhere
your contribution has indeed been of invaluable assistance!
paying my olde dentists exhorbitant bills
see ya tomorrow….
or not….

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