posted on July 2, 2007 at 7:23 am

killer was in a tough spot
bitten by a hissing viper
attacked by piranhas
stung by hornets
sucked by leaches
pursued by baboons
(kinda like the music biz really)
now they were actually inside the temple
his intuition had failed
and the men were weary and demoralised
bolan said
what now olde bean?
you lost lennon back there somewhere
he seemed really pissed off about something…
the killer snarled
someone told him about liam gallagher naming his kid after ‘im
bolan nodded
oh really….yeah…
buddha says we should meditate on it
houdini says disappear
tolkien suggested another smoke..seems hes got a stash
dante says go on
ian curtis says walk in silence
what about elvis?
he says he feels so lonely he could die
what about mclennan…whats he saying
he says i dont fucking know….whatever you say
merlin says doomed if we do doomed if we dont
oh …cheerful
and rimbaud says something in french i cant understand
oh well then
and what about you marc…
what do you say….?
i say
be like you could killer
the killer sat and pondered
in this temple in the jungle
where pelicans and porcupine had taken up residence
with its crumbled statues of baal n zeus
and some distracted lucifer
where the sharp yellow teethed monkeys waited
and serpents writhed entwined
where the fleas bit
and the ticks burrowed
and the flowers all stank
and the fruits were poison
and the roots were all tangled
and your hopes were all mangled
vines dangle amid the gangly trees
somewhere in this maze of ruins
lay the atlantean crystal
these were but a few of its attributes
anyman who weilded this crystal would be a superman
if they knew but how
and if they knew but where it lay hidden
bolan interrupted his reverie
are there any options left?
killer nodded
yep…but i never wanted to use it
well what is it
killer pulled a little baggie from his pocket
it contained a single purple coloured pill
but whats that said bolan surprised
its called intuition
artificial intuition
it would take a thousand years of yoga
a thousand years of having abstained from dead flesh
a thousand years of chi gong
to achieve this
but the side effects …said bolan
yes the side effects
sweating, cold hands
nervousness, excitability
delusions of grandeur…
but killer youve already got all that said bolan
yes bopping elf , it could only get worse…
there you are then….
killer took the pill from the baggie
it had a little fleur de lis stamped on the side
it looked small in his palm
he squinted through the gloom at his second in charge
its a long shot but it just might work…i gotta hunch that it will
he put the pill in his mouth
and swallowed
at first there was nothing
and then a faint hum
and then a whirr
and then everything began to sway and shake
and the whirr became a scream
and everything sped up so fast
and he was travelling travelling
across the back of the waves o’er kingdoms of merfolk
thru the sky like an egret over a lake
rushing with his reflection
and the scream became unbearable
and the speed became intolerable
and he began to feel himself fall apart
bit by bit
piece on piece
he evaporated into thin air
and he was gone
deep deep into another place
so far down and in
like he was falling forever
down the rabbit hole
in the blackness of the collective unconscious
in the stillpoint of oblivion
and there he lay
for an eternity


ps if you dont like it
you know what you can do….


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