posted on March 21, 2009 at 8:46 pm

ive gone on a painting spree
i cant stop painting
i listen to loud music and i paint n paint
the kids ask to go down the beach
all the way the images assault my eyes
the sky bends down n whispers to me
i listen to sound
i see music
my kids yabber away to me
the music pounds in my headphones
cars pull up and drive on
oh lovely march days
i march along with my 3 gals
aurora kilbey
eve kilbey
scarlet kilbey
3 of the perkiest girls you ever met
down the beach theyre straight in that sharkey sea
theres quite a few still in the flat pacific at 6 oh clock
i’m knocking out paintings at home
i’m on a roll
feel like i can do no wrong
i do eve as a dryad
i do myself as a hollow cheeked king from the old days
i do a giant bird turning to gaze at ya
i splash on the gold paint
ah i am an instant klimpt…ha ha
something supernaturally guides my hand
something outside me whispers suggestions
i access a library of human unconscious
my fingers move in new subtle ways
i thought age was a process of decline
yet here i am getting better
or am i going mad
or is it that
i simply cant tell
and ive drowned in my own egotistick wallowings
and a few accol-lites spur me on
what i do i’m doing better
but what the fuck is actually happening ?
at this incredibly late late stage of the game
almost impossible to get back in
ive rallied
ive sussed
i actually became GOOD!
yeah yeah
oh no
oh here he goes again….
but if you were me
you’d write about me,
wouldnt you?
me me me me me
what else do i know about?
itd just be fiction
you got up
and you did this
and you did that
how the fuck would i know what you did?
so i am left with me
and my chiron trip
and with my kingly visage
which is hard to pull off
and my hands n voices
which pull stuff outta thin air
a strange energy drives me unrelentingly
at the very edge of raving madness
i walk the hinterlands collecting souvenirs
its ok …i’m a poet….i know what i’m doing
still i ask
when i was just another podgy washed up ninny
what happened……?
which things
if faithfully adhered to
could turn a life around like that?
must be yoga
must be vegism
must be swimming
must be luck
you gotta do yoga every day
put that hour in
get a new life back
youll start to flourish n bloom
boom boom boom
oh you ones who hate it are the ones who need it most
sooner or later
when yer natural youth runs out
you better be riding that yoga train baby
you better be swimming in the holy sea everyday hot or cold
you better leave that meat
you better ditch those eggs
you better switch off that tv
you better get creating
you better get moving
you better get walking around
you better get cracking
dont stay still
dont eat pizza
dont drink beer or smoke fags
dont loll about like a ninny
fucking up n at em
take a swing
have a shot
or whatever
see if i care or even know if ya dont….
but i wish you could feel this energy driving me
hey you dont have to feel old and tired just yet
dont give in to lethargy pal
strive hard mister…..and do a painting or something
just dont sit around
its boring
and if you aint donated
today is a good day
if you have
the time being thanks you
very much!

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