posted on March 5, 2007 at 12:23 am

kilbey kilbey kilbey
my head is full of myself
get thee behind me
summoned here
only a moment ago
i was dreaming i was a man
aeons and atoms
connexion by impulse
i just had to think
and my fingers moved
i was upon a world
such a world existed in gods dream
and he dreamed of a green sea
filled with silver fish
and he dreamed of forests
inhabited by giants
and grey gnomes
and he dreamed
of a great rainbow bridge
and a thunderstorm that raged for years
that snatched birds and flying machines from the air
and dashed them against the mountains
and the people there
called kilbey from his sleep
from his deep sleep
called into their world
a world without proof
no, erase that!
it was the best of all possible worlds
i was happy there
a leap of faith is required
kilbey still asleep somewhere
god dreams of rivers
of stones bubbling in clear water
of kingfishers and weeping willows
horses in the shade
fox cubs in their lair
far seeing owls and tiny brown mice
twitchy rabbits and nervous deer
and jaguars and ocelots and
great diamond backed serpents drinking from pools
mountains full of snow
goji and other medicinal berries
bright against white
such sweet nectar
oh god
how great thou art supplies
god dreaming dreaming dreaming
worlds comets universes
complete down to the tiniest detail
every big n little thing filled with the one life
kilbey is just a mass of bits n pieces
held together by life
and the moment that life is gone
the bits n pieces will return
to the elements
but the life
its gods life
that life
will dream again n again
dreaming that kilbey is on this world
non-pristine world
a suddenly looking used up world
a world of oh such pain
so much so much agoni
so much torture
everyone there
crying weeping groaning
oh no
will we all die daddy
yes and no
yes and no
yes and no
god keep dreaming
somewhere else they need me
they dont need me here
i dont deserve this
i was asleep in a formless realm
and now
kilbey dont be sad now
kilbey just be glad now
but but but
now hush now kilbey
we will wait for you
over here
over there
why me why me
kilbey you know this answer well
what should i do?
nothing to be done
its been taken care of
kilbey relax now
god is dreaming
we are the wonderful things he dreams
solid as you like
but essentially
just like you
they are nothing
happy nothing
never just nothing
nothing at all
all at once
once and for all
for all intents n purposes
nothing more
more or less
and thats
one thing
you just cant buy

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