posted on June 26, 2007 at 2:52 am

cold rain numbs me
i no longer care if im wet
hurrying down this coldmorning street
puddles ripple with sizzling drops
phone call waking me up from wherever i was
someone talking at the other end….where was that?
and then im out the door
and on my way
a bus goes by
full of people crammed in
their breath steaming the windows
branches have fallen down during the night
a bat hangs electrocuted on the wires
i see my car
damn !
i cant believe it
a flat tyre
oh no
not now
not today
present continuous tense
this cant be happening
let it be a memory
but oh no
im standing here right now
its raining
the flat tyre
cars zoom pass throwing up water
i open up the boot and look for the jack
everything in rusty disrepair
im struggling with the wheel
a car pulls over
a man offers me a lift
where to i say
wherever youre going he says and smiles
he must know who i am i think
hop in he say
i cant place that accent….american or maybe not
i jump in
its a bmw alright
we drive off
my car sitting there useless
theres a woman in the back seat
good morning she says
hello i say
nice car i venture
isnt it he says
hes young and looks like a soap opera star
she is the female equivalent from what i saw
through the rains blur
in the darkness of the morning
i feel suddenly sleepy relaxed
the car purrs through the traffic
the music is making me sleepy
the music playing in the car
some kinda new age world music thing
where am i going ? i hear myself ask
as if from a distance
we want to have a chat with you she says from the back
the driver laughs and concurs
a little chat
is this about my blog? i say dreamily
this elicits more laughter from him
well i thought maybe you could tell me he says
have i been drugged? i struggle to say
again soft laughter from the driver
something like that

i awake in darkness in a stuffy room
my head pounds
my eyes feel full of sand
im in a dentist chair
powerless to move
the man n woman sit patiently on either side
armed with syringes and electrodes
just smiling
suddenly with a superhuman burst of xi energy
i break free of my bonds
and burst out of the chair
they pull out revolvers and shoot
but im either lucky or stupid
cos they cant seem to hit me
i knock them out
and round up the whole gang
a whole international gang of interpol wanted villains
i commandeer a helicopter and fly back to bondi
i jump out over the sea
and i ride a dolphin in
i am decorated by the mare of bondi
the right honourable gg chestnut
the delightful star of bronte
inlaid with enamel
at last after much blue cheer
i return to the scene of my car
where a grateful citizen has changed the wheel
a street procession cheers
children offer me flowers
today will be declared a holiday all over the world
i will be paid a million bucks a retelling of my heroic story
i will be so rich and comfortable
i will be immune to winter in artificially warm n lit greenhouse
i will lie in bed in the morning and laugh to myself
i will dream of the sun
i will go into its light

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