posted on November 30, 2012 at 1:18 pm

st kilba in st kilda

well well well

here i am still in melby

we played a good show at the corner hotel

we dipped into some strange and unplayed songs

every member of the band got to pick 4

we didnt play any hits at all  (thank god!)

except at the end one guy insisted on playing u.m.

(ok fair enuff except i dont like it but…..)

anyway lotta people very jazzed we played an obscurity like snowfaller

my choices we ripple maya on angel street and block

so blame me if you hate them…and are coming to syd show…

whilst on stage i noted the effect of all that energy

i was starting levitate somewhat

it might look like im pogoing but im getting rid of excess energy

i would have laughed at this stuff once but i am having mystical experiences playing

i get filled with rushes of lovely energy

i get filled with light n love and all that…even if its a nasty-ish song

i feel weightless i lose my head in it all

and i sometimes have to jump up and down

the music takes you and possesses you

you gotta do what it says i guess

if you invite it in n it says jump

youd be a fool not to jump

i guess once upon a time i was having a platonic relationship with music

now after all these years its become physical i suppose

and it gives you back whatever you put in

at least thats how it is for me

something coming thru me more and more

i am not how i used to be on stage at least

theres a force out there and i let it in on what i do

i dunno what to call that force maybe its simply chi or prana

maybe its creativity maybe its god

may be its some dead artist(s) working thru me

because i am more receptive to it now than ever

you know its a hard thing to pin down

but anyway somethings gotta hold of me onstage

so corner a good  good gig. a fun gig. a happy gig.

last night we played a private party

at barrys house here in st kilda, melba-horn

a very nice house

a very gracious host and hostess barry n his wife

lovely rellies and friends too

now whooda thunk it eh?

me liking playing in someones house?


i know….

nevertheless the spirit manifested

i closed my eyes we sang n played in a living room

eventually (it was 40  degrees ) they opened the windows

people were standing in front garden listening

timbo was chatting with people outside in between numbers

i stood there playing and singing

barry encouraged me to light up there n then

so i did n then passed it round to whoever needed a puff

it certainly helps with the heat

i drank some very nice scotch too from barry

barry refused to put coke in with it and i’m glad

it was very nice scotch

of course like an idiot eventually i drank too much

it all caught up with me suddenly after the gig

the heat the scotch the weed my age etc etc

i made a quick exit n ungraciously disappeared without thanking barry

we were remunerated quickly too in real dollars wow!

it was a fantastic night.

it meant as much to me as playing blah blah blah in new york or wherever

barry and his family made us welcome

the food was delicious and many vegan options

the audience were incredible

i had a ball

and the spirit indeed came down and i heated up and sweated a bucket

nevertheless it is what being a musician is all about

tonight its a big big place with all the bangs and whistles

i’m gonna be good there as well

so will my compadres they cant help it  they are so good

tim powles is unbelievable

i cant imagine how it gets much better than that

the guitarists are breathtakingly accomplished

the yin and yang of each other

we were good at corner hotel

we were good at barrys party

we will be good tonite and at the wineries

thats at least something isnt it?


ps about the mugs

you can get em at the syd show or futura in bondi rd

other than that best off to contact holly@thetimebeing

or go to gallery section

if you want one …there arent many left tho….

sk love



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